Sunday, March 13, 2005

Fun with Paki's

If stupidity was a disease, Pakistan would have to be quarantined. I love Pake's. They're ugly, stupid, fundamentalist and mostly braindead. As much as I love a regular Paki, I do have a specific preference for perverted Paki's who dont speak English. Like this one.

Paki Pervert Posted by Hello

big_cat_mickey (19:15:30): hiya handsome
guddubut32 (19:15:43): asl plz
big_cat_mickey (19:16:02): 12 f cali
big_cat_mickey (19:16:04): you?
guddubut32 (19:18:57): 25 m pk
guddubut32 (19:18:57): what do u do
guddubut32 (19:20:12): asl
guddubut32 (19:20:55): u have u r pic
big_cat_mickey (19:21:32): yes mnany
guddubut32 (19:21:52): may i see
big_cat_mickey (19:22:07): you want topless, nude or with clothes on?
guddubut32 (19:22:31): as u like r wish
big_cat_mickey (19:23:19): you tell me....... I got many
guddubut32 (19:23:36): with clothes dear
guddubut32 (19:24:15): plz??
big_cat_mickey (19:24:25): looking for a good one
guddubut32 (19:24:41): may be
guddubut32 (19:24:52): r u showing me u r beuty full face
guddubut32 (19:24:58): ??
big_cat_mickey (19:25:01): wait
guddubut32 (19:25:21): plz
big_cat_mickey (19:26:37): Im sending but you gotta accept the transfer
guddubut32 (19:26:54): here is not came
guddubut32 (19:26:54): cant open
guddubut32 (19:26:54): plz
guddubut32 (19:26:54): e mail me
guddubut32 (19:26:54): on
guddubut32 (19:27:20):
guddubut32 (19:27:39): ok
guddubut32 (19:28:36): i m waiting
big_cat_mickey (19:28:44): check your email
guddubut32 (19:29:10): k
guddubut32 (19:29:31): were u sent
guddubut32 (19:29:42): what is the emailthere u have sent
big_cat_mickey (19:29:44): wait dammit
guddubut32 (19:29:59): okkkkkkk
big_cat_mickey (19:30:55): fucking perv
guddubut32 (19:31:28): i n u r profile u rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
guddubut32 (19:31:38): laughfing
big_cat_mickey (19:31:45): yeah perv...... what the fuck do you think........... a 12 yo is gonne fuck you?
guddubut32 (19:32:32): r u male
guddubut32 (19:32:35): r female
big_cat_mickey (19:32:40): I do not believe anyone has had the courage so far to doubt my masculinity.
guddubut32 (19:32:41): in u r profile man and wo man
guddubut32 (19:32:44): both
guddubut32 (19:33:14): plz e male me
guddubut32 (19:33:16): on
guddubut32 (19:33:45):
guddubut32 (19:33:47): plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
guddubut32 (19:33:53): mine pic i n m y profile
big_cat_mickey (19:34:16): try a broom handle up yer ass boy
guddubut32 (19:34:57): plz e mail me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
big_cat_mickey (19:35:09): or a shoe, maybe a nice boot planted squarely in your sphincter
guddubut32 (19:36:05): so u r not like to e mail me??
big_cat_mickey (19:36:06):You’re a camel copulator aren’t ya? Dont they wear towels on their head in Pakiland?
guddubut32 (19:37:23): i want to see u r beuty full face plz e mail me o n m y e mail address
guddubut32 (19:37:37):
guddubut32 (19:37:37): okkk
guddubut32 (19:38:16): ??


Anonymous kris said...

posting another comment...are you beating off yet?

11:52 PM  

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