Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'm definitely fucked now.

"Take the quiz: 'Which Spice Girl Are You?'

Baby Spice (Emma)
Well, youre like baby. what can i say? you like the color pink, your not to smart, you like to pretend youre sweet and innocent when really youre just a bitch whose mean to everyone."


Blogger kris said...

Your Results:
Sporty Spice (Mel-C)
You are most like sporty spice. you like to play sports and have an awesome voice. Also youre a very nice person

this is so full of shit...i hate sports with passion.

1:49 AM  
Blogger bulb said...

Well, what the fuck do you thing? I wear miniskirts and chew lollipops?

9:57 AM  

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