Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Juzz call me Brenda

See sometimes you meet these men that from the start you know they are gay. It may take some cajoling...... but eventually the truth comes out.

big_cat_mickey (15:43:57): heya asl?
daredevil198421 (15:44:22): hi
big_cat_mickey (15:44:52): hi
big_cat_mickey (15:44:57): How are you?
big_cat_mickey (15:46:42): You're the strong silent type??
daredevil198421 (15:46:50): me cool
daredevil198421 (15:46:53): 20 .m.khi
big_cat_mickey (15:46:54): Im sure you are
big_cat_mickey (15:46:57): khi?
big_cat_mickey (15:47:21): khinhasa?
daredevil198421 (15:47:52): yes
daredevil198421 (15:48:06): & u
big_cat_mickey (15:48:17): 36 m amsterdam
big_cat_mickey (15:48:32): Im looking for a lover
daredevil198421 (15:48:45): a s l ?
big_cat_mickey (15:49:06): I just told you honey!
big_cat_mickey (15:49:21): and you will do just fine.
big_cat_mickey (15:49:24): You dig guys?
daredevil198421 (15:49:43): but why
big_cat_mickey (15:50:07): Cause Im married..... but have secret fantasies about black men.
daredevil198421 (15:51:00): iam not your girl freind
big_cat_mickey (15:51:10): You could be.........
daredevil198421 (15:51:38): o r u sure
big_cat_mickey (15:52:00): dont tell me you never fantasise about men?
daredevil198421 (15:52:26): i see your pic
daredevil198421 (15:52:34): your wife so beauti ful
big_cat_mickey (15:52:39): yeah....... that's me and the wife.......
big_cat_mickey (15:52:51): but she's not giving me what I need....... and you can.
daredevil198421 (15:53:27): what your real name ?
big_cat_mickey (15:53:43): Paul David Miller
daredevil198421 (15:54:15): so nice name
big_cat_mickey (15:54:17): whats yours honey?
daredevil198421 (15:54:38): iam not your girl freind ok
daredevil198421 (15:54:43): Haseeb
daredevil198421 (15:54:49): Abdul Haseeb
big_cat_mickey (15:54:53): Ok...... haseeb..... but we both know you want it.
daredevil198421 (15:55:44): what i want to tou
daredevil198421 (15:55:48): you
big_cat_mickey (15:56:26): You know you want to run your fingers over my pectorals...... my hard belly....... my hair.......... kiss me........ feel my manhood growing in your hand
daredevil198421 (15:57:46): oh shit
big_cat_mickey (15:57:57): yeah....... that too....... but first some foreplay
big_cat_mickey (15:59:43): honey you are there?
daredevil198421 (16:00:23): no iwas go in the home
big_cat_mickey (16:00:41): well you can come to my home........ when my wife is not there.
big_cat_mickey (16:01:01): We can get naked and disco dance together
daredevil198421 (16:01:26): oh
daredevil198421 (16:01:40): your wife in my home
big_cat_mickey (16:01:53): you mean the three of us???
big_cat_mickey (16:01:57): I dont think she's into that.
daredevil198421 (16:01:59): you meet your wife
daredevil198421 (16:02:25): yes sh's with me
big_cat_mickey (16:02:47): tell me ...... if you're just interested in teasing........ why are you in the gay actors room?
daredevil198421 (16:03:46): no iam intreasted in women sex
big_cat_mickey (16:03:55): then why come to a homosexual room?
big_cat_mickey (16:04:06): most muslims.... just come here to pick up other guys.
daredevil198421 (16:06:01): iam not
daredevil198421 (16:06:08): but iam shy person
big_cat_mickey (16:06:18): but then why do you act like a homosexual?
daredevil198421 (16:07:41): you talk me a girl sex
big_cat_mickey (16:07:54): okay....... if you like....... I can pretend to be a woman.......
daredevil198421 (16:09:04): ok
big_cat_mickey (16:09:11): You can call me....... Fatimah........ or Brenda if you prefer....... and we can have sex.
daredevil198421 (16:10:15): hi brenda
big_cat_mickey (16:10:49): Hiya lover


Anonymous Sassy said...

Bulb, where the hell u come up with this shit? Crazy ass! U kill me!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Ariel said...

LMMFAO!"we can get naked and disco dance together"lol i was laughing so hard I was in tears when I read that. Silly wawa!

10:29 PM  
Anonymous KL said...

Damn bulb, that one is good, Im gonna start callin you brenda..lmffao!

12:17 AM  

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