Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My friend Abishek

It's wednesday, so I'm off work. Which is just as good, cause I don't think God really had "work" in mind when he created me. Mickey woke me up at eight though, cause he was hungry. (Fat cat!)

Well since nothing interesting whatsoever is happening in my "real" life, here's one more interesting conversation I had online:
(Note: This MF thinks Im an underaged girl! Im sure most underaged girls have names like BIG CAT and photo's of BIG middle-aged men in their profile. As I was talking to him, I copied the whole conversation in the chatroom, and still..... he never got it.)

big_cat_mickey (16:45:49): who you?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:06): 21 m from india
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:09): asl plz
big_cat_mickey (16:46:23): 15 f from California
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:37): what do u do?
big_cat_mickey (16:47:21): I fuck niggers
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:47:35): come on fuck me
big_cat_mickey (16:48:05): mmmmmm what you wanna do then?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:48:29): i would like to fuck u hard honey
big_cat_mickey (16:49:26): mmmmmmmm well suppose you were here what would you do?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:49:53): first i will take u the hotel
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:49:58): will u come?
big_cat_mickey (16:50:09): sure
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:50:31): then we will take a room
big_cat_mickey (16:50:41): yeah duh
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:50:52): then i will pick u take u to the bed
big_cat_mickey (16:50:56): mmmmmmm
big_cat_mickey (16:50:59): a big bed?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:15): then i will take of ur clothes one by one
big_cat_mickey (16:51:26): but Im wearing sooooo many clothes.......
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:39): no prob
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:59): i will first like to suck ur boobs
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:09): may i?
big_cat_mickey (16:52:21): depends....... which one the left or right one?abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:32): first left one
big_cat_mickey (16:52:47): mmmmmmmm ok
big_cat_mickey (16:52:51):
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:55): what is the size of ur boobs
big_cat_mickey (16:53:12): duh Im only 15...... what do you think?abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:22): oooho
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:38): still what is it?
big_cat_mickey (16:53:45): A cup
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:59): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:01): no prob
big_cat_mickey (16:54:08): ok then what?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:26): then i will ask u to take of my clothes
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:31): will u?
big_cat_mickey (16:54:52): depends....... are you muscular and handsome??abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:55:05): i m muscular
big_cat_mickey (16:55:17): well in that case....... ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:55:38): so what will u do then?
big_cat_mickey (16:55:51): take your clothes off
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:56:08): what do u like to see first
big_cat_mickey (16:56:20): mmmm......... is there a tv here?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:56:31): no
big_cat_mickey (16:56:39): then why ask what I want to see?
big_cat_mickey (16:57:12): oh oh I get it
big_cat_mickey (16:57:16): You mean you
big_cat_mickey (16:57:18): ok
big_cat_mickey (16:57:19): mmm
big_cat_mickey (16:57:31): your ....... hey this is the first time for me......... you take the lead
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:57:41): come on
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:57:48): don't shy sweet heart
big_cat_mickey (16:57:59): well I got this thing for feet
big_cat_mickey (16:58:03): strong manly feet
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:58:40): would u like to suck my long and big cock
big_cat_mickey (16:58:56): noooooooo yuck
big_cat_mickey (16:58:59): I can't sleep without u in the night.I feel warm with u at night.Where r u my dear Bed sheet????????
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:39): i will be there soon sweet heart
big_cat_mickey (16:59:47): are you naked already?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:55): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:57): r u?
big_cat_mickey (17:00:07): mmm...... duh .... you just undressed me
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:21): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:32): then i will take off ur panty?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:40): should i?
big_cat_mickey (17:00:40): mmmmm ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:01:04): then i will inset my cock into urs pussy
big_cat_mickey (17:01:08): heeeeey wait
big_cat_mickey (17:01:11): Im not even half wet
big_cat_mickey (17:01:36): how about some foreplay
big_cat_mickey (17:01:55): OK
big_cat_mickey (17:02:03): You obviously aren't very experienced..........
big_cat_mickey (17:02:08): I will tie you up and take over
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:08): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:19): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:02:29): I tie you to the bed.......... hands and feet
big_cat_mickey (17:02:43): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:47): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:50): no prob
big_cat_mickey (17:03:03): then I take a jar of motoroil and spill it all over you
big_cat_mickey (17:03:05): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:03:14): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:03:30): then I take a jar of cookies and cover you with them ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:03:53): then what abt my penis
big_cat_mickey (17:04:03): we'll get to that...... are you hard?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:10): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:11): very
big_cat_mickey (17:04:25): ok.............. then I slowly open the door and my brother comes in
big_cat_mickey (17:04:39): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:49): ur brother?
big_cat_mickey (17:04:58): yes and he starts fucking you up your ass
big_cat_mickey (17:05:02): while I watch and applaud
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:07): hai
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:11): stop kidding
big_cat_mickey (17:05:13): oooooooh yeah
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:20): i will fuck u only
big_cat_mickey (17:05:22): that shit must really hurt
big_cat_mickey (17:05:25): no you cant
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:27): ya
big_cat_mickey (17:05:28): you are tied up
big_cat_mickey (17:06:01): I start taking pictures and invite the hotel staff to come and watch
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:19): u can't do that
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:27): swet heart
big_cat_mickey (17:06:33): why not? I thought you wanted to cyber?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:54): no
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:56): never
big_cat_mickey (17:07:10): OK....... I take out a large zuchinni...... and stuff it up your ass
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:07:29): no way
big_cat_mickey (17:07:35): damn......... why not????????
big_cat_mickey (17:07:41): this is what I want from you!!!!!!
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:07:57): then what u will give me?
big_cat_mickey (17:08:15): depends....... can I stuff the eggplant up your ass????
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:26): first tell
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:35): what u will give me?
big_cat_mickey (17:08:41): I'll make you feel like your in heaven
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:51): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:08:59): so I can stuff it?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:18): first i will fuck u then
big_cat_mickey (17:09:38): NO........ cause you are tied up and my brother is already fucking you up your ass
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:50): no way honey
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:56): stop kidding
big_cat_mickey (17:10:16): Ok.......... I call on the 82 yo cleaning "aunty" to come and suck on your penis...... she has no teeth
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:10:32): no way
big_cat_mickey (17:10:34): so it wont hurt
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:10:41): it will
big_cat_mickey (17:10:55): trust me darling
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:12:42): ok sweet heart
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:12:53): did u ever been to india
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:13:25): r u there?
big_cat_mickey (17:13:44): no honey
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:13:49): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:14:01): i will be there after 3 year
sabhishek_kapoor2001 (17:14:06): will u meet me
big_cat_mickey (17:14:44): Ok......... maybe you wanna have a look in the room!big_cat_mickey (17:15:25): Honey??
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:15:42): i think ur male
big_cat_mickey (17:15:49): well duh!!!!!!!!!!!!
big_cat_mickey (17:16:07): did you like it "sweetheart"???
big_cat_mickey (17:16:31): honeeeeeeeeeey
big_cat_mickey (17:16:34): you there?
big_cat_mickey (17:17:01): awwwwwww juzz when I really started to like you


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Bulb you r crazzzzzzzy! I love u man! kl

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Anonymous brekka said...

The tale of Bulb, his brother, his aubergines and the man who saw through it all....I'd say get a life...but then...what would we have to read?

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