Thursday, March 24, 2005

My Friend Geneva II

Yesterday I couldn't finish my post. Not so much from a lack of time. It was more an overkill of stupidity. A person can only take so much a day. But have no fear...... here's the rest.

geneva_steenhuis91 (20:41:42): did I writ good in there just know what I wort
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:43:07): are you reading what I wort how long are you going to be on line if I can ask
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:43:23): I have to do some house work geneva_steenhuis91 (20:43:30): and landery always fun
cojones2006 (20:43:49): nonononono wait....... gotta update my blog........ geneva_steenhuis91 (20:44:15): okay I will weit
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:44:20): no worrys
cojones2006 (20:44:37): ok......... visit the following link to my webpage:
cojones2006 (20:44:54):

By now I had the whole part I thing online and was ready for some kind of confrontation. However. The sheer stupidity of most people always continues to surprise me. Read on!

geneva_steenhuis91 (20:45:09): you wont me to look at it
cojones2006 (20:45:51): yes yes do
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:47:14): give that to me agian
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:47:30): something happend with my computere
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:47:31): sry
cojones2006 (20:47:38): just go to the page
cojones2006 (20:47:44): and see what pure evil is all about

Any normal person would by now feel that something was utterly wrong. Not my friend Geneva.

geneva_steenhuis91 (20:50:48): can you write it doewn
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:50:50): down
cojones2006 (20:51:02):
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:52:13): thanks
cojones2006 (20:52:33): you are welcome..... see Im a nice guy
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:52:55): brb
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:55:18): okay
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:55:36): thanks
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:55:53): what do i say
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:57:40): what do I say know
cojones2006 (20:57:57): what do you mean?
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:59:56): what do I say to coyote

Try, just try, using all your emphatic skills to feel the utter, and I do mean the UTTER astonishment at this display of cluelessness. Did she read the blog? Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. In both cases. There must be some kind of award for these kinds of persons like the Miss Clueless crown, or the Nobel Stupidity Prize.

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:00:06): and thanks for the site you give
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:00:06): me
cojones2006 (21:00:53): well...... tell him: "Didn't you read the blog bulb sent you? Are you stupid? Cant you read? Dont you understand anything?"
cojones2006 (21:00:58): Just copy and paste it
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:03:01): that was the first time I copyed something and pasted

I believe you there geneva. Now at this point several people in the room, having read my blog, are starting to scratch various body parts, in utter disbelieve.

cojones2006 (21:03:36): Good for you
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:03:55): doing good yhea you are a nice person we cool know I hope
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:04:00): we can talk when you are on
cojones2006 (21:04:12): yeah
cojones2006 (21:04:17): I'll help...... dont worry
cojones2006 (21:04:24): I think coyote is starting to like you

Yeah most people take an instant like to a person that insults them without reason.

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:04:29): thanks
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:04:42): give me one more thing
cojones2006 (21:05:22): okay......... tell him: "coyote...... you are not even half the man the Bulb is." dont ask....... coyote knows what you mean

Now here my narcissism is starting to get deeply wounded. Everybody knows whom the bulb is!! I mean come on...... the Bulb..... Cojones...... People fear and despise me!

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:07:43): do I cute and paste all of this
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:07:48): what you just wort
cojones2006 (21:07:49): sure
cojones2006 (21:07:52): cut and paste
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:08:32): what do I say so sassy to like me
cojones2006 (21:08:48): leave that to me
cojones2006 (21:08:50): 1 sec
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:08:59): thanks
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:10:51): can I say that bulb is a better men thet you will ever be
coyotegeneva_steenhuis91 (21:11:03): is that good or bad to say

aaaaaargh think woman think!!!!!!!! How the hell does someone not know the difference between Good or Bad. Want me to write you some kind of book? Some new-age Koran or Old Testament for people so forlorn they have lost their connection to themselves?

cojones2006 (21:11:08): no its great
cojones2006 (21:11:18): tell him the bulb is about 6 inches more man than he is
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:13:43): what is that good

That would probably make coyotes thingy -5 inches...... but I'm digressing.

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:13:51): still doing okay better then I was befor
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:14:01): thank you so much for you help really thanks
cojones2006 (21:14:10): yeah........ hey Im here to help.
cojones2006 (21:14:20): hey gotta update my blog...... be sure to read it
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:14:34): hey he does not like nice ppl I gusse coyote

I think he does. But he seems to have this thing for stupid people.

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:14:41): of crouse I will read it
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:14:50): how do you get one of those any hoe
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:14:51): how
cojones2006 (21:15:02): go to
cojones2006 (21:15:31): sassy told me that coyote pmd her and she pmd you and you wont answer
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:15:43): sassy tryed to write me
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:15:45): omg
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:15:56): I didnt know tell her to write me again
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:18:51): does she wont to talk to me I will love to talk to her
cojones2006 (21:19:03): I have to ask
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:19:13): If I know it was her I would have said something what is her sercen namec
ojones2006 (21:19:27): beautyinsadness
cojones2006 (21:19:34): sassy
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:19:49): okay know that I know that I will talk to her if she pmd me again

Goddammit woman! For all you know this Sassy might be a psychopathic Lust-Blogger. What's with the wannabe-with-the-popular crowd attitude?? Get a fucking life.

geneva_steenhuis91 (21:20:03): what should I say more about coyote
cojones2006 (21:20:26): nothing....... let it simmer a bit...... hey I'll be backc
ojones2006 (21:20:29): see yah
geneva_steenhuis91 (21:23:32): ttly

And she left! Taking a suitcase full of freeze-dried stupid with her. Now just when you expect you have touched the limits of the infinite...... she comes back.
The next day I entered the room and there she was happily insulting people and wandering why nobody liked her.
Coyote not being around, she had pointed her poisonous arrows at Jinxy. (For those not in the know, Jinxy is the lovechild of Britney Spears on acid and a wet farth after a night out with the boys. Believe me. You dont wanna get on the bad side of the Jinx.
As soon as I enter the room, she messages me:

geneva_steenhuis91 (20:41:39): Do you know hoor (one of Jinxy's nicknames)
cojones2006 (20:41:45): yep
cojones2006 (20:41:56): dont even start with her........ she hates everybody
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:00): who is she is the pic in her profile really her

Jinxy's Picture

cojones2006 (20:46:10): yep thats her.
cojones2006 (20:46:14): Nasty isn't it?
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:27): does she have retaden or what ever it is
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:32): is she slow
cojones2006 (20:46:36): noooooo just very ugly
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:38): that is what I mean
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:42): oh got it
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:46:46): thank you
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:47:06): tell her that she needs to leave me alone (Well then I guess you shouldn't have insulted her in the first place!)
cojones2006 (20:47:28): hell no........... I dont want to getinto a fight with her...... she's mean
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:49:04): will she got me going
cojones2006 (20:49:07): wow........ you're catching on
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:49:08): that is for sure
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:49:19): yhea thanks you helped me out alot
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:58:37): hey I will talk to you later bye
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:58:44): take care if you are not on when I come back
geneva_steenhuis91 (20:58:49): laters
cojones2006 (20:58:49): bye bye

Now THAT IS IT. NO MORE!! I CANNOT TAKE IT! I suddenly understand why US postal workers and high school students run into crowded buildings butt-Nekkid and shoot up everybody they see. I just cant take it anymore! God You fucked up when you created the world.
Im sure I havent seen the last of geneva, but for me....... NO MORE NO FUCKING MORE!!!!!!!


Anonymous kris said...

hahaha god...wonder if i can get a ban on stupid people breeding? looks it up...heh

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