Saturday, March 12, 2005

My friend Niraj

Today its back to basics. Cybersex!!! This guy was a real perv. The dude enters the room and asks wether there are any aspiring actresses in the room interested in a film he's making. Well..... you know you shouldn't ask questions like that when Im in the room!

My mumbai honey Posted by Hello

big_cat_mickey (18:36:25): what kind of film?
nirajmancchanda (18:36:38): proper feature film
nirajmancchanda (18:36:51): its called "relationships"
big_cat_mickey (18:36:52): no nudity?
nirajmancchanda (18:36:54): ur name
big_cat_mickey (18:36:59): Raphaella
nirajmancchanda (18:37:05): ther is love making i am sorry
nirajmancchanda (18:37:09): smooching
big_cat_mickey (18:37:11): nononono great
big_cat_mickey (18:37:14): no problem
nirajmancchanda (18:37:23): wher uf rom
nirajmancchanda (18:37:26): ur age
nirajmancchanda (18:37:28): ur snap
nirajmancchanda (18:37:39): wher u from
big_cat_mickey (18:37:44): Amsterdam
big_cat_mickey (18:37:55): 15 but I am turning sixteen in a couple of months
big_cat_mickey (18:38:00): I look a lot older though
nirajmancchanda (18:38:06): i need to see ur snap
big_cat_mickey (18:38:18): No way you first
nirajmancchanda (18:38:27): u can see mine in profile
big_cat_mickey (18:38:36): wait
big_cat_mickey (18:39:23): OK........... there is a pic of me and my dad in my profile

He's looking at the picture of me and my girlfriend now. The thing about real pervsis.... they're just plain stupid!

nirajmancchanda (18:39:28): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:39:45): ur statastics
big_cat_mickey (18:39:52): My CV?
nirajmancchanda (18:40:05): figure
nirajmancchanda (18:40:11): u dont look 15
big_cat_mickey (18:40:19): I told you I look older
big_cat_mickey (18:40:24): I was actually 14 there
nirajmancchanda (18:40:35): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:40:41): now tell me ur figure
big_cat_mickey (18:40:48): Its good enough
big_cat_mickey (18:40:53): just look at the picture
big_cat_mickey (18:40:56): Im well shaped
big_cat_mickey (18:41:02): what do I need to do to get the part?
nirajmancchanda (18:41:20): there is a scene wher u hav to hold a dick & shake & the boy suck the nipples .
nirajmancchanda (18:41:30): rest we can cheat
nirajmancchanda (18:41:46): u hav bf or single
big_cat_mickey (18:41:48): cheat???
big_cat_mickey (18:41:49): single
big_cat_mickey (18:41:51): duh!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:41:59): sex scenes can be cheated
big_cat_mickey (18:42:10): dont worry
big_cat_mickey (18:42:12): Im good
nirajmancchanda (18:42:13): v cant show dick penetrating pussy or arse
nirajmancchanda (18:42:27): we cant show bj
big_cat_mickey (18:42:47): bj?
nirajmancchanda (18:42:48): u need to grow ur pussy hair as its a natural girl u hav to play
nirajmancchanda (18:42:56): bj = blowjob
big_cat_mickey (18:43:00): I never shaved
nirajmancchanda (18:43:08): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:43:23): but there is a scene underwater in pool
nirajmancchanda (18:43:24): nude
big_cat_mickey (18:43:27): and..... Im a professional
nirajmancchanda (18:43:30): we show ur entire body
big_cat_mickey (18:43:36): underwater....... above water no problem
nirajmancchanda (18:43:45): including pussy
nirajmancchanda (18:43:54): i need to see proper snap of urs
nirajmancchanda (18:44:02): a close up of ur face
big_cat_mickey (18:44:18): Is it okay a picture with my clothes on or should I take one naked???
nirajmancchanda (18:44:27): u can send both
nirajmancchanda (18:44:42): a close up of ur face is important
big_cat_mickey (18:44:51): ehm.......... I'd rather send the one with my clothes on unless its really important to send a naked one
nirajmancchanda (18:44:58): any problems from ur dad
nirajmancchanda (18:45:03): i dont wnat any problems
nirajmancchanda (18:45:09): send me with clothes
nirajmancchanda (18:45:16):
big_cat_mickey (18:45:18): what problems????? he is supportive of my career
nirajmancchanda (18:45:27): nudity sex
nirajmancchanda (18:45:27): i mean
big_cat_mickey (18:45:40): its professional isn't it?
nirajmancchanda (18:45:44): ye
nirajmancchanda (18:45:52): wil he be on set
nirajmancchanda (18:46:01): whn v shoot
big_cat_mickey (18:46:01): my dad???
nirajmancchanda (18:46:05): ya
big_cat_mickey (18:46:05): I dont think so
nirajmancchanda (18:46:23): thats fine then send me a snap
big_cat_mickey (18:46:26): Do I have to sleep with you to get the part?
nirajmancchanda (18:46:39): no
nirajmancchanda (18:46:42): i believe in monogamy
big_cat_mickey (18:46:43): sure?
nirajmancchanda (18:46:47): yes
nirajmancchanda (18:46:53): or i wud had told u
big_cat_mickey (18:47:04): ok wait
nirajmancchanda (18:47:35): what r u duin
big_cat_mickey (18:47:50): looking for my pictures to send you duh!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:48:05): i want in short skirt
nirajmancchanda (18:48:14): neglegie
nirajmancchanda (18:48:17): pant
big_cat_mickey (18:48:21): mmmmmmmmmmmm something sexy??????
nirajmancchanda (18:48:25): close up of ur face
nirajmancchanda (18:48:30): yes
nirajmancchanda (18:48:33): sumthng lusty
nirajmancchanda (18:48:37): seductive
nirajmancchanda (18:48:44): a bit of bosom shown
big_cat_mickey (18:48:52): lusty seductive sexy....... with bossom......... ok I got it
nirajmancchanda (18:49:19): legs shown
nirajmancchanda (18:49:26): in bikni
nirajmancchanda (18:49:27): costume
nirajmancchanda (18:49:31): with oomph
big_cat_mickey (18:49:35): oomph?
nirajmancchanda (18:49:58): any guy looking at it shud get a hard on .
big_cat_mickey (18:50:20): well......... I dont need to show bust for that or wear short skirt
nirajmancchanda (18:50:51): u see indirect nudity & sex is more powerful that nudity
big_cat_mickey (18:51:00): wait dont disturb me now............. checking my hard drive for a photo
nirajmancchanda (18:51:07): if u see the nipples & pusy the oomph goes away
big_cat_mickey (18:52:18): OK......... damn you want ......... lemme see....... short skirt..... negligee.......... close up of face..... something lusting and seductive with oomphh and any guy llooking at it shud get a hard on............ but no nipples and pussy
big_cat_mickey (18:52:20):
big_cat_mickey (18:52:25): You're difficult
nirajmancchanda (18:52:46): y
nirajmancchanda (18:52:49): get me what u feel
nirajmancchanda (18:52:51): best
nirajmancchanda (18:52:52): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:52:59): happy
nirajmancchanda (18:53:26): u ther
big_cat_mickey (18:53:53): yeah...... duh......... I got about a thousand pictures............ and you are very specific
nirajmancchanda (18:54:10): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:54:23): send me best u think i can feel that u look sexy
nirajmancchanda (18:54:34): happy
nirajmancchanda (18:55:06): u ther
nirajmancchanda (18:55:10): r u intrested
nirajmancchanda (18:55:15): i am serious
big_cat_mickey (18:55:21): heeeeeeeeeeey Im interested
big_cat_mickey (18:55:24): listen
big_cat_mickey (18:55:31): are you still in the actors room?
nirajmancchanda (18:55:42): no
nirajmancchanda (18:55:49): y
big_cat_mickey (18:55:59): oops cause I copied and pasted everything you said to me there.............
big_cat_mickey (18:56:05): maybe you should go and have a look
nirajmancchanda (18:56:20): actor which one ther r so many
nirajmancchanda (18:56:23): mail me
nirajmancchanda (18:56:29):
big_cat_mickey (18:56:33): the room where you found me honey
nirajmancchanda (18:56:42): well now i dont remember
nirajmancchanda (18:56:49): mail me or show me her
nirajmancchanda (18:56:51): e u hav cam
big_cat_mickey (18:57:52): I found the perfect picture for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:58:16): sure
nirajmancchanda (18:58:40): u mailing me
nirajmancchanda (18:58:45): show me here
nirajmancchanda (18:58:49): do u hav cam
big_cat_mickey (19:00:07): 'sending
nirajmancchanda (19:00:20): ok
nirajmancchanda (19:00:54): its not downloading
big_cat_mickey (19:01:01): waait
nirajmancchanda (19:01:28): ok
big_cat_mickey (19:01:44): You have to accept the download honey
nirajmancchanda (19:02:31): it says download not possible
nirajmancchanda (19:02:34): try again
nirajmancchanda (19:02:55): mail me
nirajmancchanda (19:03:02):
nirajmancchanda (19:03:22): mailing
nirajmancchanda (19:03:30): or sending again
nirajmancchanda (19:04:11): what u upto
nirajmancchanda (19:04:15): u ther
nirajmancchanda (19:05:43): r u ther or shud i leave
nirajmancchanda (19:05:47): u can mail me
big_cat_mickey (19:05:53): No Im here
big_cat_mickey (19:05:54): wait
big_cat_mickey (19:05:56): I got kicked
nirajmancchanda (19:06:06): ok
nirajmancchanda (19:06:41): listn i hav 5mnts more
nirajmancchanda (19:06:51): if u cant then mail me
nirajmancchanda (19:07:34):
nirajmancchanda (19:08:01): its not downloading
nirajmancchanda (19:08:14): show me ur snap on right of my screen
big_cat_mickey (19:08:23): mmmmmm.............
nirajmancchanda (19:08:26): y dont u upload in ur profile i will c ther
big_cat_mickey (19:08:27): you know Im a guy!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (19:08:38): well
nirajmancchanda (19:08:43): that was fun then
big_cat_mickey (19:08:47): You like guys buddy?>????
big_cat_mickey (19:08:50): helloooooooooo????
nirajmancchanda (19:09:05): no
nirajmancchanda (19:09:16): i hav a gf & i am loyal to her
big_cat_mickey (19:09:23): You dont want a picture of me showing my ass?????????
big_cat_mickey (19:09:32): Its great....... lots of hair in my ass though
nirajmancchanda (19:09:49): i said i am not in men
big_cat_mickey (19:10:20): but you wanted to see me in a negligee!!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (19:10:48): listen i askd for a female not male
nirajmancchanda (19:10:53): i aint gay bye
big_cat_mickey (19:11:22): I could be a female if you want me to be............ you're my mumbay honey........ I could be anything for you........... wanna see my ass?
nirajmancchanda (19:11:33): bye
big_cat_mickey (19:12:03): bye lover


Anonymous sassy said...

OK Bulb...I thought u were the sick one, but now that I read this...that guy needs therapy! Better yet, he needs to go to jail..preying on young girls. Fucking perverts. Made me laugh tho..keep up the good work. Get those weirded fuckers! =)

5:48 PM  
Anonymous kris said...

yeah ive delt with guys like this...whats even worse is the fact that stupid people fall for it, or that parents dont monitor thier childs use of the internet.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Ariel said...

omfg...that guy was sick...Just when I thought there couldn't be worse...It was fricken hilarious though =P

10:31 PM  
Anonymous gotam said...

i think boggler is free & has all the time in the world to waste time.
leave people the way they are & no one is gonna waste time on u.
blogger is actually crazy.
u never know what the truth is.
the guy may be genuine or it cud be hacker.
net is a place wher u cant beleive any 1.
maybe blogger is a fake too.

9:09 AM  
Blogger niraj said...

who knows this guy is real
using sum 1 elses name
who knows
u r wasting time in keeping such stuff & trying to popularise ur site

its all crap

even if its true
their life
who are you to do this
u r the pevert who is intrested to know about others sex lives.

9:38 PM  
Blogger The artist formerly known as the Bulb. said...

Niraj don't worry about it buddy. Nobody reads this shit anyway....

So pervert away!!!!

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Patty said...

I see the date on your page is 2005. Hopefully you have either grown up or died of AIDS.

5:41 AM  

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