Thursday, March 03, 2005

no comment

People are cruel! For instance, I know for a fact that people read my blog.... but do they leave comments??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Aylin, Tove, Coyote.... WTF!!! Im working my butt of here trying to cyber as many pervs as possible so you can have a laugh! Do I get one lousy comment??? NOOOOO!!!!!!
And you think it is easy to track down pervs and make them say funny things? For example... sometimes you need to cajole them a bit before they show they open up....

cliffasander: hi
cliffasander: how are u
big_cat_mickey: depends who are you?
cliffasander: am male
cliffasander: u
big_cat_mickey: f
cliffasander: age plz
cliffasander: and location
big_cat_mickey: 14 LA
cliffasander: kool
cliffasander: 18m/africa
big_cat_mickey: wow
cliffasander: so how is la
big_cat_mickey: boring
cliffasander: well same here
cliffasander: well am clifford
cliffasander: and u
big_cat_mickey: what do you intend to do about it?
cliffasander: am here to some for gf
cliffasander: and u
big_cat_mickey: what do you mean?
cliffasander: u have a bf?
big_cat_mickey: nope....... you sound nice....... wanna talk dirty?
cliffasander: well i mean am lonely here
cliffasander: dirty u mean
big_cat_mickey: duh!!
cliffasander: well do u want me
big_cat_mickey: sure
cliffasander: kool
cliffasander: i also like u and want u
big_cat_mickey: well......... do it
cliffasander: so have u been here in nigeria b4
big_cat_mickey: hehehe....... oh god...... c'mne.... be serious...... talk dirty
cliffasander: what do u want me talk about
big_cat_mickey: how old are you?
cliffasander: 18
big_cat_mickey: ok talk about pussy
cliffasander: well maybe if i am there ok
cliffasander: will u invite me there
big_cat_mickey: -sure....... want a greencard too?
cliffasander: i want u to invite me to ur state ok
big_cat_mickey: well....... first I gotta know if you are worth it
big_cat_mickey: tell me about pussy first
cliffasander: i can tell u now coz somebody is in my back
big_cat_mickey: in your back?
cliffasander: that is why i want u to invited me ok
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: who is in your back?
cliffasander: a pastor
big_cat_mickey: Is he cute??
cliffasander: yes
cliffasander: ]not really
big_cat_mickey: can I talk to him??? cause you're not really a real guy
cliffasander: well he is a paoter
big_cat_mickey: so?
big_cat_mickey: how big is his dick?
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: ask him
cliffasander: so will u try and invite me
big_cat_mickey: what will you do for me?
cliffasander: any things u want me to do i will it ok
big_cat_mickey: will you eat my shit?
cliffasander: well not really
big_cat_mickey: then why should I invite you?
cliffasander: well apart from that i willl do anythings u ask me ok
big_cat_mickey: can I piss on you then?
cliffasander: on my body
big_cat_mickey: yes
big_cat_mickey: can I?
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: every day?
cliffasander: well as u want ok
big_cat_mickey: My God you're a sick motherfucker...... you really want me to piss on you??????
big_cat_mickey: Geeeeeeez asshole....... you need help
big_cat_mickey: you are really sick
cliffasander: me
cliffasander: well ok
big_cat_mickey: Yes you you sick fuck
cliffasander: well shit how can i let u piss if u try it i will beat the hell out of u ok
big_cat_mickey: now you want to beat me up???? after I was so nice to you....... you're a bad bad man
cliffasander: really
cliffasander: coz u coz
cliffasander: coz uu cause me
big_cat_mickey: You are a sick bad moralless person
big_cat_mickey: you ought to be ashamed of yourself
cliffasander: well i think is ok
cliffasander: ok
cliffasander: so take care of urself ok
cliffasander: bye


Anonymous Sassy said...

Bulb, u are a sick man. You crack me the fuck up! Poor Mickey =))

4:55 PM  
Anonymous KL said...

Damn what a sick fucker! can't get enough though bulb lmffao here. luv ya!

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Foto said...

This is the LAST time I Cyber with you pal! LOL


7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i left a damn comment happy now?! and by the way i so know you like cybering weird people! laters ~kris

11:44 PM  

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