Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Plez sent Pik

I guess a better title for this entry would be: "Plez snt pik we starvin but no speak Engrish."

This evening my friend Krissy send me the following message:
flwrsnbutterflies1978 (20:14:32): im bitchy today...ok this idiot has sent me dozens of ims
flwrsnbutterflies1978 (20:14:49): man_lemooo: flwrsnbutterflies1978: WHAT?! man_lemooo: how are you man_lemooo: you here flwrsnbutterflies1978: no im not man_lemooo: ok man_lemooo: im sory man_lemooo: bay flwrsnbutterflies1978: should be man_lemooo: whts yor nem

Now a message like this from one of my friends...... Ah life can be sweet. A thrill of energy revived my tired soul...... systems long forgotten surged into action. The hunt is about to begin.

misty_morning2006 (20:15:36): Hi
man_lemooo (20:15:43): hi
man_lemooo (20:15:54): how are you
misty_morning2006 (20:16:03): not so good
misty_morning2006 (20:16:04): you?
man_lemooo (20:17:34): hello
man_lemooo (20:17:36): asl plz
misty_morning2006 (20:17:47): 15 f cali you?
man_lemooo (20:18:01): asl you pklz
man_lemooo (20:18:04): asl you plz
misty_morning2006 (20:18:14): ehm...... I just told you
man_lemooo (20:18:24): ok
misty_morning2006 (20:18:30): Your grasp of the Enlish language is a bit subpar isn't it?
man_lemooo (20:18:32): yor nam
misty_morning2006 (20:18:48): Misty
misty_morning2006 (20:19:05): Are you going to ask me a shitload of questions and not answer mine?
man_lemooo (20:19:05): you /m
man_lemooo (20:19:34): from were misty
misty_morning2006 (20:20:30): You ask my asl...... but fail to comprehend when I give it to you...... I already told you dude.
misty_morning2006 (20:22:12): I suppose you want to cyber now?
man_lemooo (20:22:27): yas
misty_morning2006 (20:22:38): yas?
misty_morning2006 (20:23:12): Ok I take my aardvark and prepare it so you can copulate it.
misty_morning2006 (20:23:15): okay?
man_lemooo (20:25:35): you want whte
misty_morning2006 (20:26:14): You do know how to copulate an aardvark dont you?
man_lemooo (20:26:49): you male /famle
misty_morning2006 (20:27:06): famle
man_lemooo (20:28:20): from were
misty_morning2006 (20:28:25): cali like I said
misty_morning2006 (20:28:38): Im starting to believe you have a deficit in the upper chambers dont you?
man_lemooo (20:29:05): you from were
misty_morning2006 (20:29:14): cali
misty_morning2006 (20:29:17): CALI
misty_morning2006 (20:29:20): FUCKING CALI
misty_morning2006 (20:29:26): you hearing impaired?
man_lemooo (20:29:51): how old are you
misty_morning2006 (20:30:34): 15 I told ya
man_lemooo (20:30:47): ok
man_lemooo (20:30:49): good
man_lemooo (20:30:57): you want me
man_lemooo (20:31:10): send me photo you
misty_morning2006 (20:31:26): Yesssssssss I want to stuff a meatcarver up your sphincter
man_lemooo (20:31:26): now
misty_morning2006 (20:31:29): is that okay?
man_lemooo (20:31:45): good
man_lemooo (20:31:52): send now
misty_morning2006 (20:32:09): First....... can I slice your abdomen so that your intestines come out when we have sex?
misty_morning2006 (20:32:21): ??
man_lemooo (20:32:38): you love sex
misty_morning2006 (20:33:40): yes and I love electrocuting your miniscule dick
misty_morning2006 (20:33:43): Would you like that?
man_lemooo (20:34:26): plz send me photo you plz send now
man_lemooo (20:35:12): man_lemooo@yahoo.com
misty_morning2006 (20:35:19): why the rush....... Im fantasising stuffing your mouth full of faeces....... I bet you'd like that wouldn't you?
man_lemooo (20:36:58): you want me
man_lemooo (20:37:21): send me photo you now
misty_morning2006 (20:37:47): yes......... I would even use my anal disruptor on you so you never get to take another crap without excrutiating sensations
misty_morning2006 (20:38:51): You want me?
man_lemooo (20:39:05): yas
misty_morning2006 (20:39:21): You want to copulate an pitbull terrier???
man_lemooo (20:39:23): plz send me photo you plz
man_lemooo (20:40:00): yas want copulate
man_lemooo (20:40:20): you love copulate
misty_morning2006 (20:40:21): YES!! My Pitbull is gonna looooove you
man_lemooo (20:40:40): ok
man_lemooo (20:40:45): in love you
man_lemooo (20:40:58): im want look you
man_lemooo (20:41:20): plz send me photo
misty_morning2006 (20:41:21): will you try to give gratification to my pittbull?
misty_morning2006 (20:42:10): I think you will like my picture
man_lemooo (20:43:02): masty you love me
misty_morning2006 (20:43:19): My Pittbull will!
man_lemooo (20:44:01): plz send me photo now
misty_morning2006 (20:44:16): yes yes wait
misty_morning2006 (20:44:23): what kind you like?
man_lemooo (20:44:25): good
misty_morning2006 (20:45:31): yes yes
misty_morning2006 (20:45:57): You want a picture of my uterus inside out? or a regular one?
man_lemooo (20:46:35): im want you
man_lemooo (20:46:45): plz send me plz
misty_morning2006 (20:47:14): Me you mean you like ME to suffocate you with the bladder of a giraffe?
man_lemooo (20:47:43): plaz plz plz plz plz plz
man_lemooo (20:47:59): you love
misty_morning2006 (20:48:41): Okay but first tell me is it true you have to use a pincet while pleasuring yourself?
man_lemooo (20:49:39): im man love romance want you wife me
misty_morning2006 (20:50:22): yes yes
misty_morning2006 (20:50:25): Im sure you do
misty_morning2006 (20:50:45): You would probably make me wanna have convulsions just by looking at you
misty_morning2006 (20:51:04): Still want that pic?
man_lemooo (20:51:12): you no want send
misty_morning2006 (20:51:19): sure I send you
misty_morning2006 (20:51:22): gimme a minute
man_lemooo (20:51:24): im divoreced
man_lemooo (20:52:01): hi
man_lemooo (20:53:14): you no send now im goo
man_lemooo (20:53:52):
misty_morning2006 (20:59:30): hey motherfucker....... read http://bulbousgrowth.blogspot.com/ you'll be the next entry


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hahaha! love it!

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