Sunday, March 06, 2005


I'll never understand women! (Well, actually I do, but that's not cliche enough.) As some of you know, I have this wonderful girlfriend living in Istanbul, 30.000 miles away. That makes having a relationship rather difficult. She sends me pictures of herself once in a while to remind me how fucking gorgeous she is. So...... being the nice man that I am, I posted one of those on Within 24 hours she got a rating of 9.6, ("You are hotter than 93% of women on this site!") (And yes..... I have great taste in women.) You'd think any woman would be happy with that! NOT HER!!! She gets upset!
I'd put her picture up on this site to make all of you have a bright day, but I'd be afraid to wake up one morning with one of my testicles missing.

Oh and by the way........ she wasn't naked or anything...... just smiling.

On the weather front: Its the coldest week in a decade, there is half a meter of snow outside, and my heating broke down two days ago.

Tomorrow I'll have another cybertranscript. (For those of you who couldn't give a flying fuck about my real life.)


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