Sunday, May 29, 2005

On quitting my job

I quite my job last week. Best damn job I ever had. I have no idea what I'm going to do next. A year ago I was thinking, I would be in this job for the rest of my life, and that prospect looked good.
It was a good job. I drove around in Amsterdam, visiting my patients, drinking their coffee, listening to their problems. Once in a while I'd open my mouth to bring forth one of my worn platitudes, and for some reason, my patients sometimes were able to improve their lives a bit. That was the good part. But everyday after rounds when I went back to my office, I had to fight the evil dragon of "administration". Bullshit! If God had meant me to be a paper-pusher he'd have given me a bigger ass! Who the hell decided that it was more important to fill out forms and write reports than to actually do what I'm paid for. Talk to people.
It wasn't an easy decision. I was awake till 5 in the morning thinking about it. What if I couldn't find a good job? What if I couldn't keep my car, or had to skip my mortgage payments. What if I........ What if I were the kind of fuck who stayed in a job out of fear instead of living life. Sell the goddamn house! Screw jobs! I can always make a living as a metermaid if that's what it takes to live.
So now the future is open again. No idea what I'm going to do. I got some diploma's and a shitload of skills. We'll see. Life seems adventurous again. Bring it on.


Blogger kris said...

bring it on indeed bulb! breathe the air now, isnt that nice?

4:07 AM  
Blogger Le chameau insatiable said...

good stuff !!! no decision is a bad decision, especially when it comes to work. I quit jobs every year just to keep myself on my toes and never get comfortable. comfort makes you numb. decisions brings excitement and novelty, without it life is very boring. we are lucky to live in countries where all this is possible, might as well enjoy it. plus i think the metermaid uniform could suit you very well, please post a picture !

4:36 PM  
Blogger Sassy said...

Bulb...dont worry...u will do fine! Just relax, the first male blow job is always hard...lmao...btw...that guy said he'd pay u on Friday! :)) Only kidding...we all know Bulb loves pussy.

1:46 AM  

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