Friday, March 04, 2005

Islam vs. Christ

So there I was in a Christian Chatroom, happily chatting away about masturbation and Gods love, when I got a message from a muslim man.


Brainwashed Jihadi Killer Bunny Posted by Hello

big_cat_mickey (22:48:06): hi
murtadaf (22:48:18): i amuslim want to convert
murtadaf (22:48:23): asl
big_cat_mickey (22:48:32): Why the heck would you wanna convert?
murtadaf (22:48:44): i love usa
big_cat_mickey (22:48:50): so?
murtadaf (22:48:54): i love women and all that is forbidden in islam
murtadaf (22:48:59):
big_cat_mickey (22:51:18): Wow.... is "women" forbidden in islam?
murtadaf (22:51:34): yes except marriage
murtadaf (22:51:40): by the way
big_cat_mickey (22:51:41): mmmm........ well.....
murtadaf (22:51:44): i can help usa
big_cat_mickey (22:51:49): very good for you!!!
murtadaf (22:51:55): i can save us soldiers there
big_cat_mickey (22:52:23): I still dont get it....... you want to convert........ why...... I mean Jesus never started a religion...... neither did Buddha......
murtadaf (22:52:30): i could desined something can shorten friction between us tanks against any sort of anti tank
big_cat_mickey (22:52:34): only Muhammed started one Why do want to exchange one religion for another?...... If you want to live in love and freedom......
big_cat_mickey (22:52:49): just love.... learn to think and feel in freedom......... doubt everything...... study everything......
murtadaf (22:53:12): i can confute islam word by word
big_cat_mickey (22:53:29): Well.... if you want to go to war..... you came to wrong room....... Christ is about love..... and freedom..... not hate and war and killing
big_cat_mickey (22:53:35): very good...... than do so........
murtadaf (22:53:37): nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
murtadaf (22:53:42): i want to go usa
murtadaf (22:53:45): live theer
murtadaf (22:53:49): work there
murtadaf (22:53:54): not more not less
big_cat_mickey (22:54:10): Ok...... you want to emigrate........ well........ muslims are more than welcome.... there is freedom for all in US.
big_cat_mickey (22:54:15): No need to convert
big_cat_mickey (22:54:18): Be a muslim
murtadaf (22:54:22): yes
murtadaf (22:54:42): do you want me to stay muslim?
murtadaf (22:54:51): you confuse me
big_cat_mickey (22:57:19): "religion" as an organised experience of everybody thinking and feeling and acting the same way is an islamic invention........
big_cat_mickey (22:57:33): If you want to be a christian..... all you need to do..... is open your heart and mind....... be free
murtadaf (22:57:36): again you confuse me
big_cat_mickey (22:57:39): be free to think....... to feel........ to love
murtadaf (22:57:47): i did
big_cat_mickey (22:57:48): to love Gods creation........ do not kill...... do not hate.........
big_cat_mickey (22:57:52): doubt everything
big_cat_mickey (22:57:57): question everything
murtadaf (22:57:59): but i worth at least to live in west country
big_cat_mickey (22:57:59): THINK
big_cat_mickey (22:58:02): and be free
murtadaf (22:58:05): i diddddddddddddddddd
murtadaf (22:58:16): you let me down
big_cat_mickey (22:58:18): well...... that's a material desire....... it's got nothing to do with christianity
murtadaf (22:58:29): no
murtadaf (22:58:54): i have heard about alot of people converted hence they went o canada or usa
big_cat_mickey (22:59:04): Who told you?
big_cat_mickey (22:59:12): You dont need to convert to go there!!!!!!
big_cat_mickey (22:59:24): Be yourself..... be a muslim..... why not? these countries represent freedxom
big_cat_mickey (22:59:42): The true Christian spirit is to love all....... no matter wether they are muslim, jew, hindu, agnostic, christian.......
big_cat_mickey (22:59:52): we;'re all children of God..... and God...... is freedom..... and love
murtadaf (22:59:52): alot of newspaper and i know taht well i went to spanish embassy in syria they refused to give me visa and alot of my christian friends went to west
big_cat_mickey (23:00:09): So you just want to convert for material gain?
murtadaf (23:00:23): yes
murtadaf (23:00:29): and you are liar
murtadaf (23:00:35): you hate islam very much
murtadaf (23:00:38): bye
murtadaf (23:00:41): go to hell
big_cat_mickey (23:00:49): bye muslim
murtadaf (23:01:10): lol
murtadaf (23:01:19): listen to me now
murtadaf (23:01:33): i can p[rove by mathematics that saddam is not arrested
big_cat_mickey (23:01:35): Well.... shame on you for pretending to want to convert..... all I told you was true....
murtadaf (23:01:37): his sons are alive
murtadaf (23:02:00): he has allowed usarmy to enter iraqi cities for stop air raids because no equally in air force
murtadaf (23:02:08): so he selcted guerilla war
murtadaf (23:02:14): hence huge loses in usarmy
big_cat_mickey (23:02:34): Yes..... LOL..... like I said... learn to think in freedom
big_cat_mickey (23:02:39): And stop hating so much it will give you a headache
murtadaf (23:02:43): lol
murtadaf (23:02:50): huge loses in usarmy
big_cat_mickey (23:03:00): now..... please study islam proplerly for what it is..... and bye bye you are on ignore
murtadaf (23:03:03): you are stupid you lost chance to protect us soldiers

Thursday, March 03, 2005

no comment

People are cruel! For instance, I know for a fact that people read my blog.... but do they leave comments??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Aylin, Tove, Coyote.... WTF!!! Im working my butt of here trying to cyber as many pervs as possible so you can have a laugh! Do I get one lousy comment??? NOOOOO!!!!!!
And you think it is easy to track down pervs and make them say funny things? For example... sometimes you need to cajole them a bit before they show they open up....

cliffasander: hi
cliffasander: how are u
big_cat_mickey: depends who are you?
cliffasander: am male
cliffasander: u
big_cat_mickey: f
cliffasander: age plz
cliffasander: and location
big_cat_mickey: 14 LA
cliffasander: kool
cliffasander: 18m/africa
big_cat_mickey: wow
cliffasander: so how is la
big_cat_mickey: boring
cliffasander: well same here
cliffasander: well am clifford
cliffasander: and u
big_cat_mickey: what do you intend to do about it?
cliffasander: am here to some for gf
cliffasander: and u
big_cat_mickey: what do you mean?
cliffasander: u have a bf?
big_cat_mickey: nope....... you sound nice....... wanna talk dirty?
cliffasander: well i mean am lonely here
cliffasander: dirty u mean
big_cat_mickey: duh!!
cliffasander: well do u want me
big_cat_mickey: sure
cliffasander: kool
cliffasander: i also like u and want u
big_cat_mickey: well......... do it
cliffasander: so have u been here in nigeria b4
big_cat_mickey: hehehe....... oh god...... c'mne.... be serious...... talk dirty
cliffasander: what do u want me talk about
big_cat_mickey: how old are you?
cliffasander: 18
big_cat_mickey: ok talk about pussy
cliffasander: well maybe if i am there ok
cliffasander: will u invite me there
big_cat_mickey: -sure....... want a greencard too?
cliffasander: i want u to invite me to ur state ok
big_cat_mickey: well....... first I gotta know if you are worth it
big_cat_mickey: tell me about pussy first
cliffasander: i can tell u now coz somebody is in my back
big_cat_mickey: in your back?
cliffasander: that is why i want u to invited me ok
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: who is in your back?
cliffasander: a pastor
big_cat_mickey: Is he cute??
cliffasander: yes
cliffasander: ]not really
big_cat_mickey: can I talk to him??? cause you're not really a real guy
cliffasander: well he is a paoter
big_cat_mickey: so?
big_cat_mickey: how big is his dick?
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: ask him
cliffasander: so will u try and invite me
big_cat_mickey: what will you do for me?
cliffasander: any things u want me to do i will it ok
big_cat_mickey: will you eat my shit?
cliffasander: well not really
big_cat_mickey: then why should I invite you?
cliffasander: well apart from that i willl do anythings u ask me ok
big_cat_mickey: can I piss on you then?
cliffasander: on my body
big_cat_mickey: yes
big_cat_mickey: can I?
cliffasander: yes
big_cat_mickey: every day?
cliffasander: well as u want ok
big_cat_mickey: My God you're a sick motherfucker...... you really want me to piss on you??????
big_cat_mickey: Geeeeeeez asshole....... you need help
big_cat_mickey: you are really sick
cliffasander: me
cliffasander: well ok
big_cat_mickey: Yes you you sick fuck
cliffasander: well shit how can i let u piss if u try it i will beat the hell out of u ok
big_cat_mickey: now you want to beat me up???? after I was so nice to you....... you're a bad bad man
cliffasander: really
cliffasander: coz u coz
cliffasander: coz uu cause me
big_cat_mickey: You are a sick bad moralless person
big_cat_mickey: you ought to be ashamed of yourself
cliffasander: well i think is ok
cliffasander: ok
cliffasander: so take care of urself ok
cliffasander: bye

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My friend Abishek

It's wednesday, so I'm off work. Which is just as good, cause I don't think God really had "work" in mind when he created me. Mickey woke me up at eight though, cause he was hungry. (Fat cat!)

Well since nothing interesting whatsoever is happening in my "real" life, here's one more interesting conversation I had online:
(Note: This MF thinks Im an underaged girl! Im sure most underaged girls have names like BIG CAT and photo's of BIG middle-aged men in their profile. As I was talking to him, I copied the whole conversation in the chatroom, and still..... he never got it.)

big_cat_mickey (16:45:49): who you?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:06): 21 m from india
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:09): asl plz
big_cat_mickey (16:46:23): 15 f from California
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:46:37): what do u do?
big_cat_mickey (16:47:21): I fuck niggers
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:47:35): come on fuck me
big_cat_mickey (16:48:05): mmmmmm what you wanna do then?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:48:29): i would like to fuck u hard honey
big_cat_mickey (16:49:26): mmmmmmmm well suppose you were here what would you do?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:49:53): first i will take u the hotel
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:49:58): will u come?
big_cat_mickey (16:50:09): sure
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:50:31): then we will take a room
big_cat_mickey (16:50:41): yeah duh
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:50:52): then i will pick u take u to the bed
big_cat_mickey (16:50:56): mmmmmmm
big_cat_mickey (16:50:59): a big bed?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:15): then i will take of ur clothes one by one
big_cat_mickey (16:51:26): but Im wearing sooooo many clothes.......
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:39): no prob
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:51:59): i will first like to suck ur boobs
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:09): may i?
big_cat_mickey (16:52:21): depends....... which one the left or right one?abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:32): first left one
big_cat_mickey (16:52:47): mmmmmmmm ok
big_cat_mickey (16:52:51):
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:52:55): what is the size of ur boobs
big_cat_mickey (16:53:12): duh Im only 15...... what do you think?abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:22): oooho
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:38): still what is it?
big_cat_mickey (16:53:45): A cup
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:53:59): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:01): no prob
big_cat_mickey (16:54:08): ok then what?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:26): then i will ask u to take of my clothes
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:54:31): will u?
big_cat_mickey (16:54:52): depends....... are you muscular and handsome??abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:55:05): i m muscular
big_cat_mickey (16:55:17): well in that case....... ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:55:38): so what will u do then?
big_cat_mickey (16:55:51): take your clothes off
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:56:08): what do u like to see first
big_cat_mickey (16:56:20): mmmm......... is there a tv here?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:56:31): no
big_cat_mickey (16:56:39): then why ask what I want to see?
big_cat_mickey (16:57:12): oh oh I get it
big_cat_mickey (16:57:16): You mean you
big_cat_mickey (16:57:18): ok
big_cat_mickey (16:57:19): mmm
big_cat_mickey (16:57:31): your ....... hey this is the first time for me......... you take the lead
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:57:41): come on
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:57:48): don't shy sweet heart
big_cat_mickey (16:57:59): well I got this thing for feet
big_cat_mickey (16:58:03): strong manly feet
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:58:40): would u like to suck my long and big cock
big_cat_mickey (16:58:56): noooooooo yuck
big_cat_mickey (16:58:59): I can't sleep without u in the night.I feel warm with u at night.Where r u my dear Bed sheet????????
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:39): i will be there soon sweet heart
big_cat_mickey (16:59:47): are you naked already?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:55): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (16:59:57): r u?
big_cat_mickey (17:00:07): mmm...... duh .... you just undressed me
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:21): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:32): then i will take off ur panty?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:00:40): should i?
big_cat_mickey (17:00:40): mmmmm ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:01:04): then i will inset my cock into urs pussy
big_cat_mickey (17:01:08): heeeeey wait
big_cat_mickey (17:01:11): Im not even half wet
big_cat_mickey (17:01:36): how about some foreplay
big_cat_mickey (17:01:55): OK
big_cat_mickey (17:02:03): You obviously aren't very experienced..........
big_cat_mickey (17:02:08): I will tie you up and take over
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:08): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:19): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:02:29): I tie you to the bed.......... hands and feet
big_cat_mickey (17:02:43): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:47): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:02:50): no prob
big_cat_mickey (17:03:03): then I take a jar of motoroil and spill it all over you
big_cat_mickey (17:03:05): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:03:14): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:03:30): then I take a jar of cookies and cover you with them ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:03:53): then what abt my penis
big_cat_mickey (17:04:03): we'll get to that...... are you hard?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:10): ya
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:11): very
big_cat_mickey (17:04:25): ok.............. then I slowly open the door and my brother comes in
big_cat_mickey (17:04:39): ok?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:04:49): ur brother?
big_cat_mickey (17:04:58): yes and he starts fucking you up your ass
big_cat_mickey (17:05:02): while I watch and applaud
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:07): hai
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:11): stop kidding
big_cat_mickey (17:05:13): oooooooh yeah
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:20): i will fuck u only
big_cat_mickey (17:05:22): that shit must really hurt
big_cat_mickey (17:05:25): no you cant
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:05:27): ya
big_cat_mickey (17:05:28): you are tied up
big_cat_mickey (17:06:01): I start taking pictures and invite the hotel staff to come and watch
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:19): u can't do that
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:27): swet heart
big_cat_mickey (17:06:33): why not? I thought you wanted to cyber?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:54): no
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:06:56): never
big_cat_mickey (17:07:10): OK....... I take out a large zuchinni...... and stuff it up your ass
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:07:29): no way
big_cat_mickey (17:07:35): damn......... why not????????
big_cat_mickey (17:07:41): this is what I want from you!!!!!!
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:07:57): then what u will give me?
big_cat_mickey (17:08:15): depends....... can I stuff the eggplant up your ass????
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:26): first tell
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:35): what u will give me?
big_cat_mickey (17:08:41): I'll make you feel like your in heaven
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:08:51): ok
big_cat_mickey (17:08:59): so I can stuff it?
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:18): first i will fuck u then
big_cat_mickey (17:09:38): NO........ cause you are tied up and my brother is already fucking you up your ass
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:50): no way honey
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:09:56): stop kidding
big_cat_mickey (17:10:16): Ok.......... I call on the 82 yo cleaning "aunty" to come and suck on your penis...... she has no teeth
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:10:32): no way
big_cat_mickey (17:10:34): so it wont hurt
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:10:41): it will
big_cat_mickey (17:10:55): trust me darling
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:12:42): ok sweet heart
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:12:53): did u ever been to india
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:13:25): r u there?
big_cat_mickey (17:13:44): no honey
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:13:49): ok
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:14:01): i will be there after 3 year
sabhishek_kapoor2001 (17:14:06): will u meet me
big_cat_mickey (17:14:44): Ok......... maybe you wanna have a look in the room!big_cat_mickey (17:15:25): Honey??
abhishek_kapoor2001 (17:15:42): i think ur male
big_cat_mickey (17:15:49): well duh!!!!!!!!!!!!
big_cat_mickey (17:16:07): did you like it "sweetheart"???
big_cat_mickey (17:16:31): honeeeeeeeeeey
big_cat_mickey (17:16:34): you there?
big_cat_mickey (17:17:01): awwwwwww juzz when I really started to like you


Placenta Art

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jesus hates me.

Well good news everyone, thanks to Jinxy, I got myself a new blog. I suppose nobody is ever going to read this so ........ farewell inhibitions!!!

Since nowadays I seem to spend most of my off-time chatting with nerds, pervs and jihadi's (is there a difference?), in yahoo chatrooms, let's just start with a nice transcript of a chat I had with a good samaritan Christian, in the Christian chatroom. I started off by saying: "Jesus hates me" in the room itself, whereupon this MF PM'd me and the following conversation ensued:
(For the idiots among us..... I am Big_Cat_Mickey)

kan4tech2000: hi
big_cat_mickey: Hi
kan4tech2000: Complement
big_cat_mickey: You look good........ your turn
kan4tech2000: I am Nsikan
kan4tech2000: Why did you say that Jesus doesn't love you anymore
big_cat_mickey: Cause Ninjas killed my family and I dont have enough cash to take kung fu classes.
kan4tech2000: Sorry,who are ninjas
big_cat_mickey: Ninjas are nasty little creatures
kan4tech2000: Like
big_cat_mickey: Like Asamites..... only shorter
kan4tech2000: you are joking,am i right
big_cat_mickey: Would you joke about something as serious as that?
kan4tech2000: no
kan4tech2000: what is your country
big_cat_mickey: Why do you ask?
kan4tech2000: cos we dont experience such here
big_cat_mickey: You dont have Kung Fu?
kan4tech2000: no
big_cat_mickey: No ninjas??
kan4tech2000: no
big_cat_mickey: Must be paradise.
kan4tech2000: not that
big_cat_mickey: Where do you live?
kan4tech2000: Nigeria,and you
big_cat_mickey: Japan
big_cat_mickey: But in Nigeria you also dont have Geishas right?
big_cat_mickey: And no nymphomanic nurses
kan4tech2000: do ninjas really exist cos i do watch chinese films
big_cat_mickey: Oh man...... they're everywhere here.
big_cat_mickey: They're in league with the Yakuza.
big_cat_mickey: I cant take a stroll with the dog without tripping over them.
kan4tech2000: friend i actually feel your pain but still yet, jesus loves you
big_cat_mickey: Are you sure? Cause I dont know him.
kan4tech2000: sure
kan4tech2000: I know him
big_cat_mickey: See that is what I thought first time I got out of jail.
big_cat_mickey: But then I got to thinking.......
big_cat_mickey: A lot of men loved me in jail.......
big_cat_mickey: and I'm not really into that kind of stuff.
kan4tech2000: dfo you have a bible
big_cat_mickey: Yes but I cannot read it.
big_cat_mickey: And most of the pages are torn and missing
kan4tech2000: why cant you read it,is it cows it is torn
big_cat_mickey: When I was in the foreign legion.... we used to make these long desert tracks..... do you know how painful it is to wipe your ass with sand....... so... we used whatever was at hand
kan4tech2000: can you get another one
big_cat_mickey: Yes but I still wont be able to read it.
big_cat_mickey: hello..... friend are you still there??
big_cat_mickey: Just when I thought someone gave a damn........
big_cat_mickey: See nobody cares.
big_cat_mickey: I better go and shoot up some shit.