Saturday, March 12, 2005

My friend Niraj

Today its back to basics. Cybersex!!! This guy was a real perv. The dude enters the room and asks wether there are any aspiring actresses in the room interested in a film he's making. Well..... you know you shouldn't ask questions like that when Im in the room!

My mumbai honey Posted by Hello

big_cat_mickey (18:36:25): what kind of film?
nirajmancchanda (18:36:38): proper feature film
nirajmancchanda (18:36:51): its called "relationships"
big_cat_mickey (18:36:52): no nudity?
nirajmancchanda (18:36:54): ur name
big_cat_mickey (18:36:59): Raphaella
nirajmancchanda (18:37:05): ther is love making i am sorry
nirajmancchanda (18:37:09): smooching
big_cat_mickey (18:37:11): nononono great
big_cat_mickey (18:37:14): no problem
nirajmancchanda (18:37:23): wher uf rom
nirajmancchanda (18:37:26): ur age
nirajmancchanda (18:37:28): ur snap
nirajmancchanda (18:37:39): wher u from
big_cat_mickey (18:37:44): Amsterdam
big_cat_mickey (18:37:55): 15 but I am turning sixteen in a couple of months
big_cat_mickey (18:38:00): I look a lot older though
nirajmancchanda (18:38:06): i need to see ur snap
big_cat_mickey (18:38:18): No way you first
nirajmancchanda (18:38:27): u can see mine in profile
big_cat_mickey (18:38:36): wait
big_cat_mickey (18:39:23): OK........... there is a pic of me and my dad in my profile

He's looking at the picture of me and my girlfriend now. The thing about real pervsis.... they're just plain stupid!

nirajmancchanda (18:39:28): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:39:45): ur statastics
big_cat_mickey (18:39:52): My CV?
nirajmancchanda (18:40:05): figure
nirajmancchanda (18:40:11): u dont look 15
big_cat_mickey (18:40:19): I told you I look older
big_cat_mickey (18:40:24): I was actually 14 there
nirajmancchanda (18:40:35): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:40:41): now tell me ur figure
big_cat_mickey (18:40:48): Its good enough
big_cat_mickey (18:40:53): just look at the picture
big_cat_mickey (18:40:56): Im well shaped
big_cat_mickey (18:41:02): what do I need to do to get the part?
nirajmancchanda (18:41:20): there is a scene wher u hav to hold a dick & shake & the boy suck the nipples .
nirajmancchanda (18:41:30): rest we can cheat
nirajmancchanda (18:41:46): u hav bf or single
big_cat_mickey (18:41:48): cheat???
big_cat_mickey (18:41:49): single
big_cat_mickey (18:41:51): duh!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:41:59): sex scenes can be cheated
big_cat_mickey (18:42:10): dont worry
big_cat_mickey (18:42:12): Im good
nirajmancchanda (18:42:13): v cant show dick penetrating pussy or arse
nirajmancchanda (18:42:27): we cant show bj
big_cat_mickey (18:42:47): bj?
nirajmancchanda (18:42:48): u need to grow ur pussy hair as its a natural girl u hav to play
nirajmancchanda (18:42:56): bj = blowjob
big_cat_mickey (18:43:00): I never shaved
nirajmancchanda (18:43:08): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:43:23): but there is a scene underwater in pool
nirajmancchanda (18:43:24): nude
big_cat_mickey (18:43:27): and..... Im a professional
nirajmancchanda (18:43:30): we show ur entire body
big_cat_mickey (18:43:36): underwater....... above water no problem
nirajmancchanda (18:43:45): including pussy
nirajmancchanda (18:43:54): i need to see proper snap of urs
nirajmancchanda (18:44:02): a close up of ur face
big_cat_mickey (18:44:18): Is it okay a picture with my clothes on or should I take one naked???
nirajmancchanda (18:44:27): u can send both
nirajmancchanda (18:44:42): a close up of ur face is important
big_cat_mickey (18:44:51): ehm.......... I'd rather send the one with my clothes on unless its really important to send a naked one
nirajmancchanda (18:44:58): any problems from ur dad
nirajmancchanda (18:45:03): i dont wnat any problems
nirajmancchanda (18:45:09): send me with clothes
nirajmancchanda (18:45:16):
big_cat_mickey (18:45:18): what problems????? he is supportive of my career
nirajmancchanda (18:45:27): nudity sex
nirajmancchanda (18:45:27): i mean
big_cat_mickey (18:45:40): its professional isn't it?
nirajmancchanda (18:45:44): ye
nirajmancchanda (18:45:52): wil he be on set
nirajmancchanda (18:46:01): whn v shoot
big_cat_mickey (18:46:01): my dad???
nirajmancchanda (18:46:05): ya
big_cat_mickey (18:46:05): I dont think so
nirajmancchanda (18:46:23): thats fine then send me a snap
big_cat_mickey (18:46:26): Do I have to sleep with you to get the part?
nirajmancchanda (18:46:39): no
nirajmancchanda (18:46:42): i believe in monogamy
big_cat_mickey (18:46:43): sure?
nirajmancchanda (18:46:47): yes
nirajmancchanda (18:46:53): or i wud had told u
big_cat_mickey (18:47:04): ok wait
nirajmancchanda (18:47:35): what r u duin
big_cat_mickey (18:47:50): looking for my pictures to send you duh!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:48:05): i want in short skirt
nirajmancchanda (18:48:14): neglegie
nirajmancchanda (18:48:17): pant
big_cat_mickey (18:48:21): mmmmmmmmmmmm something sexy??????
nirajmancchanda (18:48:25): close up of ur face
nirajmancchanda (18:48:30): yes
nirajmancchanda (18:48:33): sumthng lusty
nirajmancchanda (18:48:37): seductive
nirajmancchanda (18:48:44): a bit of bosom shown
big_cat_mickey (18:48:52): lusty seductive sexy....... with bossom......... ok I got it
nirajmancchanda (18:49:19): legs shown
nirajmancchanda (18:49:26): in bikni
nirajmancchanda (18:49:27): costume
nirajmancchanda (18:49:31): with oomph
big_cat_mickey (18:49:35): oomph?
nirajmancchanda (18:49:58): any guy looking at it shud get a hard on .
big_cat_mickey (18:50:20): well......... I dont need to show bust for that or wear short skirt
nirajmancchanda (18:50:51): u see indirect nudity & sex is more powerful that nudity
big_cat_mickey (18:51:00): wait dont disturb me now............. checking my hard drive for a photo
nirajmancchanda (18:51:07): if u see the nipples & pusy the oomph goes away
big_cat_mickey (18:52:18): OK......... damn you want ......... lemme see....... short skirt..... negligee.......... close up of face..... something lusting and seductive with oomphh and any guy llooking at it shud get a hard on............ but no nipples and pussy
big_cat_mickey (18:52:20):
big_cat_mickey (18:52:25): You're difficult
nirajmancchanda (18:52:46): y
nirajmancchanda (18:52:49): get me what u feel
nirajmancchanda (18:52:51): best
nirajmancchanda (18:52:52): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:52:59): happy
nirajmancchanda (18:53:26): u ther
big_cat_mickey (18:53:53): yeah...... duh......... I got about a thousand pictures............ and you are very specific
nirajmancchanda (18:54:10): ok
nirajmancchanda (18:54:23): send me best u think i can feel that u look sexy
nirajmancchanda (18:54:34): happy
nirajmancchanda (18:55:06): u ther
nirajmancchanda (18:55:10): r u intrested
nirajmancchanda (18:55:15): i am serious
big_cat_mickey (18:55:21): heeeeeeeeeeey Im interested
big_cat_mickey (18:55:24): listen
big_cat_mickey (18:55:31): are you still in the actors room?
nirajmancchanda (18:55:42): no
nirajmancchanda (18:55:49): y
big_cat_mickey (18:55:59): oops cause I copied and pasted everything you said to me there.............
big_cat_mickey (18:56:05): maybe you should go and have a look
nirajmancchanda (18:56:20): actor which one ther r so many
nirajmancchanda (18:56:23): mail me
nirajmancchanda (18:56:29):
big_cat_mickey (18:56:33): the room where you found me honey
nirajmancchanda (18:56:42): well now i dont remember
nirajmancchanda (18:56:49): mail me or show me her
nirajmancchanda (18:56:51): e u hav cam
big_cat_mickey (18:57:52): I found the perfect picture for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (18:58:16): sure
nirajmancchanda (18:58:40): u mailing me
nirajmancchanda (18:58:45): show me here
nirajmancchanda (18:58:49): do u hav cam
big_cat_mickey (19:00:07): 'sending
nirajmancchanda (19:00:20): ok
nirajmancchanda (19:00:54): its not downloading
big_cat_mickey (19:01:01): waait
nirajmancchanda (19:01:28): ok
big_cat_mickey (19:01:44): You have to accept the download honey
nirajmancchanda (19:02:31): it says download not possible
nirajmancchanda (19:02:34): try again
nirajmancchanda (19:02:55): mail me
nirajmancchanda (19:03:02):
nirajmancchanda (19:03:22): mailing
nirajmancchanda (19:03:30): or sending again
nirajmancchanda (19:04:11): what u upto
nirajmancchanda (19:04:15): u ther
nirajmancchanda (19:05:43): r u ther or shud i leave
nirajmancchanda (19:05:47): u can mail me
big_cat_mickey (19:05:53): No Im here
big_cat_mickey (19:05:54): wait
big_cat_mickey (19:05:56): I got kicked
nirajmancchanda (19:06:06): ok
nirajmancchanda (19:06:41): listn i hav 5mnts more
nirajmancchanda (19:06:51): if u cant then mail me
nirajmancchanda (19:07:34):
nirajmancchanda (19:08:01): its not downloading
nirajmancchanda (19:08:14): show me ur snap on right of my screen
big_cat_mickey (19:08:23): mmmmmm.............
nirajmancchanda (19:08:26): y dont u upload in ur profile i will c ther
big_cat_mickey (19:08:27): you know Im a guy!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (19:08:38): well
nirajmancchanda (19:08:43): that was fun then
big_cat_mickey (19:08:47): You like guys buddy?>????
big_cat_mickey (19:08:50): helloooooooooo????
nirajmancchanda (19:09:05): no
nirajmancchanda (19:09:16): i hav a gf & i am loyal to her
big_cat_mickey (19:09:23): You dont want a picture of me showing my ass?????????
big_cat_mickey (19:09:32): Its great....... lots of hair in my ass though
nirajmancchanda (19:09:49): i said i am not in men
big_cat_mickey (19:10:20): but you wanted to see me in a negligee!!!!!!!!!!!
nirajmancchanda (19:10:48): listen i askd for a female not male
nirajmancchanda (19:10:53): i aint gay bye
big_cat_mickey (19:11:22): I could be a female if you want me to be............ you're my mumbay honey........ I could be anything for you........... wanna see my ass?
nirajmancchanda (19:11:33): bye
big_cat_mickey (19:12:03): bye lover

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not Funny!

Sometimes online you have conversations that are just outright scary. Not funny! Like the one time I entered an islamic chatroom and said: "Its a great day to kill Jews." and I got 7 private messages complimenting me on my insight and faith. Not to mention the general applause in the room.
The following conversation ensued when I was PM'd in a Christian chatroom. The man Im talking to is clearly "psycho", however the most scary part of it is..... that I have this kind of conversation about once a month.

rahibell (0:31:08): ASL?
big_cat_mickey (0:32:46): hello friend.
rahibell (0:33:03): are u a lady
big_cat_mickey (0:33:36): why is it that important?
rahibell (0:34:44): Jesus is a prophet of Islam. We Muslims are closer to Jesus peace be upon him
big_cat_mickey (0:35:08): well.... good for you.
rahibell (0:35:15): thank
rahibell (0:35:46): i know you cant beleive
big_cat_mickey (0:36:07): Yes that is what Muhammed said on his own authority. However you dont believe Jesus was the Son of God. You dont believe he was born in a stable. You dont believe he died on the cross. And you believe all his scriptures were corrupted.
big_cat_mickey (0:36:59): In the same vein I could say I accept Mohammed. But he was a woman living in Tokyo and the Koran was written 700 years after his death. It makes no sense does it?
big_cat_mickey (0:37:07): Your glass is full and your asking for tea
rahibell (0:37:39): you will see
rahibell (0:37:42): bye
big_cat_mickey (0:38:14): I hope so...... cause if that day comes..... I will piss in the demons mouth.
rahibell (0:38:34): ok
rahibell (0:38:46): till we meet that day
big_cat_mickey (0:39:29): My "God" (the concept is not quite comparable to yours) is one of love, forgiveness and brotherhood of all men. Not a god of vengeance, rape, violence, and lies...........
big_cat_mickey (0:39:42): Try reading
rahibell (0:40:21): ok
rahibell (0:40:42): we will see if the days come
rahibell (0:41:07): you will see Jesus christ among muslim
big_cat_mickey (0:41:18): naaaaaaaaaaaaaah wow........... 1 second.
big_cat_mickey (0:41:33): Jesus teachings are not compatible with Mohammeds teachings dont believe the lies sonny
rahibell (0:41:42): because he never associate anything with his God
big_cat_mickey (0:41:54): like rape?
rahibell (0:41:57): he worshiooed God alone
big_cat_mickey (0:42:01): Or fucking 6 year old girls?
big_cat_mickey (0:42:16): do yourself a favour.......
big_cat_mickey (0:42:22): learn to think instead of parrot
rahibell (0:42:47): not as christian worshipping jesus
big_cat_mickey (0:43:17): it's not in the worshipping........ demons want to be worshipped........ its in the soul........ its in the interior life.......
rahibell (0:43:32): Jesus is no more than a prophet sent by God with a clear sign
rahibell (0:44:03): he did many wonders by God permission
big_cat_mickey (0:44:03): yes according to muhammed...... the gjuy who killed thousands...... raped innumerable women, fucked little underage girls........
big_cat_mickey (0:44:20): listen boy. stop parotting..... do some research..... learn to think for yourslef........ find out the truth.
rahibell (0:44:52): He worshipped God alone not as christian do
rahibell (0:45:39): instead to worship God they worship His servant (Jesus)
big_cat_mickey (0:45:42): well....... Im Its clear you dont like christians. good for you..... i'td be even better if you had a clue what christianity was all about apart from what some ignorant mullah told you
big_cat_mickey (0:45:50): now........ lets go over it piece by piece..........
big_cat_mickey (0:46:00): How old was Ayesha when Mo first raped her?
big_cat_mickey (0:46:02): 6
big_cat_mickey (0:46:03): 7
big_cat_mickey (0:46:04): 8
big_cat_mickey (0:46:05): 9
big_cat_mickey (0:46:10): 10???
big_cat_mickey (0:46:28): I dunno you tell me how old she was when the 50+ great prophet forced herself on this child.
rahibell (0:46:58): are u jew
big_cat_mickey (0:47:05): wow
rahibell (0:47:15): i understand u
big_cat_mickey (0:47:33): the ultimate islamic argument........ when you dont know what to say........ assuime it is a jew....... and kill it.
big_cat_mickey (0:47:38): No brother I am not a jew
rahibell (0:47:43): why you kill many prophets sent by God
big_cat_mickey (0:47:53): THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big_cat_mickey (0:47:54): ok
big_cat_mickey (0:48:16): THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!
big_cat_mickey (0:48:20): TRY TO THINK
rahibell (0:48:21): you killed John the baptist, zacariah etc
rahibell (0:48:57): you expel many prophets that is why God curse you
big_cat_mickey (0:49:28): LISTEN boy I really really feel for you and pity you......
rahibell (0:49:41): He change His kigdom from you and gave it to Arabs
big_cat_mickey (0:49:43): Once again I am not a jew...... I never have been....... but I dont have anything against them..... In fact I have nothing but respect for the many jews I count among my friends.
big_cat_mickey (0:49:51): I really really pity you
big_cat_mickey (0:49:56): learn to think.......
big_cat_mickey (0:49:59): learn to love
big_cat_mickey (0:50:02): learn to live
big_cat_mickey (0:50:09): dont let the demon rule your thoughts
rahibell (0:50:23): i learn to kill in the name of God
rahibell (0:50:32): as Moses did
rahibell (0:50:57): im the follower of David, Solomon , Moses
big_cat_mickey (0:51:18): Oh my god......... how about you learn to LIVE in the name of God ......... like the lord said..... God is Love is GOD....... learn to live for the Good of all.......... instead of for the glory of just one man who died hundreds of years ago and who raped little girls
rahibell (0:51:26): We kill infidels like you
big_cat_mickey (0:51:43): yeah........ I know.. poor brainwashed boy....... my heart bleeds for you........
big_cat_mickey (0:51:47): you make me feel so sad
rahibell (0:51:48): Islam is not a peaceful religion
big_cat_mickey (0:51:51): I know
rahibell (0:52:04): it is a religion of war
big_cat_mickey (0:52:11): yes........ war bloodshed..... rape....slavery
big_cat_mickey (0:52:17): poor boy
rahibell (0:52:42): so we will fight you and infidels where ever we find you and you go to hell
big_cat_mickey (0:53:02): ehm........ wait.......... you make this slight logical error......
rahibell (0:53:09): we kill you and you go to hell directly
big_cat_mickey (0:53:21): You do the fighting and the killing and the raping and the bloodshedding....... and I go to hell????
big_cat_mickey (0:53:25): ouch
rahibell (0:53:26): we thank God for choosen us
big_cat_mickey (0:53:41): that would be true if the creator was a bloodthirsty demon yes.
rahibell (0:54:00): we are happy being a muslims
big_cat_mickey (0:54:03): However....... like Jesus and the hebrew prophets said..... I believe in a creator that created out of love.....
big_cat_mickey (0:54:06): and compassion
big_cat_mickey (0:54:21): and does not believe in rape..... pedophillia, bloodshed......
big_cat_mickey (0:54:24): killing
rahibell (0:55:32): Allah bestowed his mercy on us for choosen us to be with Abraham, Moses, Noah, Davi, Jacob, Joseph big_cat_mickey (0:55:41): I hope you find your true purpose and learn to love Gods beautiful creation and all its beautiful creatures in it.
rahibell (0:55:43): Alhadulillah
big_cat_mickey (0:55:55): yes..... that's what mohammed said.
big_cat_mickey (0:56:03): the guy that slaughtered thousands of people.
rahibell (0:56:29): iam calling you to the light of Islam which is the only true religion on the earth
big_cat_mickey (0:56:31): well....... mmmm....... maybe you should do some research on the jesus thing you know.
big_cat_mickey (0:56:42): its not quite compatible with rape and murder
rahibell (0:56:57): Jesus is on our side
big_cat_mickey (0:57:02): its all about forgiving and loving your fellow man, the brotherhood of all men.
rahibell (0:57:22): Jesus never to bow to your will
big_cat_mickey (0:57:37): I hope for you you get your 72 virgins....... and that they dont bore you after a year or so.
rahibell (0:57:43): you are infidels while Jesus is true man
rahibell (0:58:35): read
big_cat_mickey (0:58:40): I will if you read
big_cat_mickey (0:58:48):
big_cat_mickey (0:58:50): deal?
big_cat_mickey (0:59:19): or are you affraid that that tiny nagging doubt in your mind might grow out to be . ..........YOU
big_cat_mickey (1:00:10): deal?
rahibell (1:00:16): hahaha you never know about true muslim like me , who is ready to die as muslim
big_cat_mickey (1:00:19): dont tell me you got scared?
big_cat_mickey (1:00:30): I'd prefer you were to live as a MAN
rahibell (1:00:40): do you know my last hope on the earth?
big_cat_mickey (1:00:44): instead as die as someone who never got to think for himself.
big_cat_mickey (1:00:49): listen...........
big_cat_mickey (1:01:05): I will read your page........ will you read mine??
rahibell (1:02:09): THIS IS MY LAST HOPE ON THIS EARTH
big_cat_mickey (1:02:18): I want to live........ and love........ and spread the joy of God........ just for the sake of my LOVE for God.
big_cat_mickey (1:02:24): This is my last hope
big_cat_mickey (1:02:54): that the JOY s/he gives me may shine through my acts of love on this earth
big_cat_mickey (1:04:16): what makes you so affraid of my challenge??
big_cat_mickey (1:04:34): its easy to die........ its difficult to think
big_cat_mickey (1:04:36): isn;'t it?
rahibell (1:04:45): hahaha
rahibell (1:05:03): i already told you about myself
rahibell (1:05:14): what else
big_cat_mickey (1:05:21): no answer to my challenge? Why are you so affraid?
rahibell (1:05:38): JUST TO DIE FOR THE SAKE OF MY LORD
rahibell (1:05:43): THATS ALL
big_cat_mickey (1:05:53): yeah yeah...... same tired story..........
big_cat_mickey (1:06:01): its easy to die. its the cowards way............
big_cat_mickey (1:06:06): how about thinking.........
big_cat_mickey (1:06:10): how about arguing
big_cat_mickey (1:06:16): that takes a hero
rahibell (1:06:28): what kind of thinking
big_cat_mickey (1:06:36): well........... read my page...........
big_cat_mickey (1:06:41): I will read yours
rahibell (1:06:44): to think of this material world
big_cat_mickey (1:06:56): post your comments without insults or threats........ engage in discussion.........
big_cat_mickey (1:07:12): use your godgiven talents of thinking, logic, reasoning, empathy.........
big_cat_mickey (1:07:32): anybody can blow himself up......... that's for cowards........
big_cat_mickey (1:07:47): how about exploring your views....... see if they ....... oops...... maybe wrong
rahibell (1:07:49): i know the website already it is used for blasphaming and abusing of Islam just as you do now
big_cat_mickey (1:08:00): I never did?
big_cat_mickey (1:08:04): when did I do so?
rahibell (1:08:16): we muslim are not coward
rahibell (1:08:35): we are ready to die for the sake of Allah
rahibell (1:08:40): see
big_cat_mickey (1:08:42): I never said so........ only that this "I want to die for..........(fill out any crap)" is the cowards way
big_cat_mickey (1:08:48): ok....... that's what I meant
rahibell (1:08:49): i dont know you
rahibell (1:09:47): but may be you dont have $1,000,000 million dollars in your account
big_cat_mickey (1:10:13): what? I wish I had............ nope sonny I may not make that much in a lifetime.
rahibell (1:10:24): but me believe me i have moirethan that
big_cat_mickey (1:10:25): You mean the 72 virgins thing?.
big_cat_mickey (1:10:33): Yes yes you can die.........
big_cat_mickey (1:10:35): very good..........
big_cat_mickey (1:10:39): every coward can
big_cat_mickey (1:10:45): but do you have the guts to live?
big_cat_mickey (1:10:53): to live for what you believe in???
big_cat_mickey (1:10:55): To doubt everything and find out the truth for yourself?
big_cat_mickey (1:11:02): do you have the guts to think?
rahibell (1:11:03): but i will leave them and go for Jihad by the grace of My Lord
big_cat_mickey (1:11:09): good for you
big_cat_mickey (1:11:14): I pity you
big_cat_mickey (1:11:40): poor boy
rahibell (1:12:50): bye by now
big_cat_mickey (1:13:35): I will pray for you friend.
rahibell (1:13:52): as what
big_cat_mickey (1:13:59): as what?
rahibell (1:14:17): pray for what
big_cat_mickey (1:14:40): for you.........
rahibell (1:14:48): hehehe
big_cat_mickey (1:14:50): what else????
rahibell (1:15:23): ur prayer will not go beyond ur PC
rahibell (1:15:43): i dont need ur prayer
big_cat_mickey (1:15:54): No matter...... I will pray for you brother.
rahibell (1:16:15): because you associate God with son
rahibell (1:16:40): bye
big_cat_mickey (1:17:04): I will still pray for you.
rahibell (1:17:18): read about Islam with open mind , not for the sake of hate as you do
big_cat_mickey (1:17:31): wow....... hey.............. come one
rahibell (1:17:36): understand the mission of Islam
big_cat_mickey (1:17:43): who is into killing rape slaying mayhem....... being killed etc......
big_cat_mickey (1:17:46): that's hate
big_cat_mickey (1:18:00): I hope the love of the all encompassing lord may help you on your way
rahibell (1:18:27): not all people God like
big_cat_mickey (1:18:41): no..... you dont have to be....... just try a bit.
rahibell (1:18:56): did God love everybody?
rahibell (1:19:04): i ask you?
big_cat_mickey (1:19:22): well........ we are all Gods children..... if God did not love everybody..... he'd be some kind of demon wouldn't he?
rahibell (1:20:41): Who destroy Men during the Noah era is that not God
rahibell (1:20:44): why?
big_cat_mickey (1:21:05): well you can take that story concretistically....... which would be rediculous
rahibell (1:21:08): because God dont like them
big_cat_mickey (1:21:10): or symbolically
rahibell (1:21:32): it is there in old testment
big_cat_mickey (1:21:33): So....... if God...... creates....... ..than thinks....... mmmmm... bad.......... and destroys...... what does that make him?
big_cat_mickey (1:21:48): Like a father creating children and then killing them because he does not like them........
big_cat_mickey (1:21:54): we call that psychopathy.
rahibell (1:22:22): YES WHO EVER DISOBEYED GOD
big_cat_mickey (1:22:36): disobeyed how>
rahibell (1:22:39): HE /SHE WILL BE DISTROYED
big_cat_mickey (1:22:43): why?
big_cat_mickey (1:23:03): God is allpowerful....... to say you can "disobey" him is just rediculous.
rahibell (1:23:06): HE IS DISOBEDIENT SERVANT
big_cat_mickey (1:24:30): Listen son....... my concept of God..... is quite different from the dualistic personal concept within islam......
rahibell (1:24:38): GOD IS FREE FROM HIS CREATION
big_cat_mickey (1:24:45): dont even try to understand with being able to THINK first
big_cat_mickey (1:24:56): do you understand Monism?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:00): qualified monism?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:06): dualism or qualified dualism?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:10): polytheism?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:23): monotheism........ or unqualified and qualified monotheism?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:34): No? its/ easier just to blow yourself up isn't it?
big_cat_mickey (1:25:47): There are so many ways to come to the same place.........
rahibell (1:25:48): YOU ARE POLYTHEISM
big_cat_mickey (1:25:57): so many roads that lead to somewhere.........
big_cat_mickey (1:26:10): I doubt blowing yourself up would be one of them though.
rahibell (1:26:21): IT IS ONLY THE WAY TO THE LORD
big_cat_mickey (1:26:40): doesn't sound too logical.
big_cat_mickey (1:26:46): sounds demonic
big_cat_mickey (1:26:55): God creates earth and people.........
big_cat_mickey (1:27:05): then creates a myriad of philosophies and religions
big_cat_mickey (1:27:39): then singles out one men, who sleeps with children, kills thousands of people..... and has a religion that completely negates all other religions that he claims are the basis for his religion........
big_cat_mickey (1:28:00): then all who do not follow this men will burn in the eternal barbeque for all eternity?
big_cat_mickey (1:28:01): mmmmmm
big_cat_mickey (1:28:07): could be.
big_cat_mickey (1:28:22): but I would not choose to worship such an entity.
big_cat_mickey (1:28:36): I'd rather worship the God of Love......... of Compassion......... and Humanity.....
big_cat_mickey (1:29:16): yes..... according to Muhammed....... not if you actually read the writings of Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Job, EzekIel, Joseph, John, David, Jesus, etc.
big_cat_mickey (1:29:43): well.......... no .......... you dont
big_cat_mickey (1:29:56): You follow what muhammed told you about these people.
big_cat_mickey (1:30:00): Tell me..........
rahibell (1:30:05): YES
big_cat_mickey (1:30:10): If I were to form a religion........
big_cat_mickey (1:30:21): and say that all religions before me were true........ but
big_cat_mickey (1:31:13): their writings were corrupted...... and only I could tell you how the real story went...... that wouldn't sound very believable.... would it?
big_cat_mickey (1:32:22): Actually......... there are many many inconsistencies in the koran too....... just yelling that there are not wont make it so.
rahibell (1:32:36): HAHAHA
big_cat_mickey (1:32:50): And......... the eldest versions of the bible..... found far after Mohammeds death are still same as the christians use today
rahibell (1:33:17): YOU AREIGNORANT
big_cat_mickey (1:33:29): I will pray for you my brother
big_cat_mickey (1:33:37): so........... will you read my page if I read yours?
big_cat_mickey (1:33:51): Will you discuss your views on my page as I discuss mine on yours??
rahibell (1:34:05): YOU ARE ALWAYS SAYING ....LOVE
big_cat_mickey (1:34:07): Or is that more difficult than dying?
big_cat_mickey (1:34:10): yes?
rahibell (1:34:13): RELIGION OF LOVE
big_cat_mickey (1:34:16): yes?
big_cat_mickey (1:35:11): son............ If you want to kill me out of believe........ which you already professed you do......... what do you expect me to do?
big_cat_mickey (1:35:14): I bless you...........
big_cat_mickey (1:35:30): and hope you learn to be YOU...... as God Intended you to be..........
big_cat_mickey (1:35:33): not a puppet.........
big_cat_mickey (1:35:35): but a MAN
rahibell (1:35:38): IS THIS A LOVE IN YOUR RELIGION
big_cat_mickey (1:35:55): son...... Love is not just laying by the road sleeping.........
big_cat_mickey (1:36:06): love is actively pursuing a better world for all of us.
big_cat_mickey (1:36:15): In any way possible.
rahibell (1:36:43): WE ARE ON THE WAY TO GOD
big_cat_mickey (1:36:52): Be it...... by word of mouth......... or caring for the sick.................
big_cat_mickey (1:37:00): yes...... we are all on our way to God...... I agree.
rahibell (1:37:27): WE CAME TO WORSHIP GOD ONLY
big_cat_mickey (1:37:52): and I think...... one day you will stand in front of him....... and he will embrace you and say "son...... how could you...... you didn;t know......."
rahibell (1:38:01): AND I WANT TO DIE AS MYTRYS
big_cat_mickey (1:38:10): yes I will pray for you
rahibell (1:38:15): AS SHAHEED INSHAALLAH
rahibell (1:38:36): I WANNA DIE AS SHAEED
rahibell (1:38:48): ok
rahibell (1:38:52): bye
big_cat_mickey (1:39:03): You wish to die your way....... but can you allow me to die my way?
rahibell (1:39:21): if you wish
rahibell (1:39:46): it opts to you to die as an unbeliever
big_cat_mickey (1:39:50): that means in the arms of my apostate woman........ an old man...... knowing he lived a good life..... caring for his fellow men.
rahibell (1:40:06): who associate gods with your lord
big_cat_mickey (1:40:42): Ok. I will pray for you....... hope my love may help you on your way brother.
rahibell (1:41:02): A UZU BILLAH
big_cat_mickey (1:41:03): For you....... and those misguided souls who fill your head with the thoughts you think.
rahibell (1:41:22): YOU MAKE ME LIKE TO CRY
big_cat_mickey (1:41:31): Thank you
rahibell (1:42:42): MAY GOD HELPME
big_cat_mickey (1:42:49): ok......... before I go to sleep........ why would your God.... "HATE" so much that which he created? So that he want one half to DIE blowing up the other half, and throw most of them in HELL?????
big_cat_mickey (1:43:09): I mean........... God..... is I think according to Koran even...... supposed to be Good and Merciful? Isn't he?
big_cat_mickey (1:43:30): You are my brother and always will be.
big_cat_mickey (1:43:44): wether muslim suicide bomber...... or saint.
rahibell (1:43:59): yes
big_cat_mickey (1:44:18): then sleep well my brother
rahibell (1:44:48): i can go for a war and die for the sake of Allah
rahibell (1:44:59): im ready inshaAllah
big_cat_mickey (1:45:24): good for you...... I hope you can find the courage to LIVE for the sake of Allah. but that's difficult
rahibell (1:45:34): i want to be like SHEIKH USAMA BIN LADEN
rahibell (1:45:43): AYMAN ZAWAHIRI
rahibell (1:45:58): ABU MUSAB ZARQAWI
big_cat_mickey (1:46:05): shame God created you as you, not as bin laden....... I pray you may live your life as YOU..... not as bin Laden..........
big_cat_mickey (1:46:19): be a MAN in your own right..... not a boy immitating some hateful ideal
rahibell (1:46:47): I WANT TO BE LIKE BIN LADEN
rahibell (1:46:58): IM 39 YRS NOW
rahibell (1:47:13): IM NOT A KID
big_cat_mickey (1:47:17): I will pray for you, sleep well my brother.
rahibell (1:47:29): IM A MARKETING MANAGER
rahibell (1:48:03): II SPOKE 4 LANGUAGES
big_cat_mickey (1:48:06): Like I said....... sleep well my brother
rahibell (1:48:25): I HAVE MASTER DEGREE
big_cat_mickey (1:48:31): Very good!
big_cat_mickey (1:49:00): Very Good........... listen..... I need to go to bed.......... I hope you get your 72 virgins
big_cat_mickey (1:49:08): I will remember you in my prayers.........
rahibell (1:49:11): OK
rahibell (1:49:16): BYE
big_cat_mickey (1:49:24): May Gods love shine on you...... and fill you with joy........ like he does for me.
big_cat_mickey (1:49:28): good night brother

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Juzz call me Brenda

See sometimes you meet these men that from the start you know they are gay. It may take some cajoling...... but eventually the truth comes out.

big_cat_mickey (15:43:57): heya asl?
daredevil198421 (15:44:22): hi
big_cat_mickey (15:44:52): hi
big_cat_mickey (15:44:57): How are you?
big_cat_mickey (15:46:42): You're the strong silent type??
daredevil198421 (15:46:50): me cool
daredevil198421 (15:46:53): 20 .m.khi
big_cat_mickey (15:46:54): Im sure you are
big_cat_mickey (15:46:57): khi?
big_cat_mickey (15:47:21): khinhasa?
daredevil198421 (15:47:52): yes
daredevil198421 (15:48:06): & u
big_cat_mickey (15:48:17): 36 m amsterdam
big_cat_mickey (15:48:32): Im looking for a lover
daredevil198421 (15:48:45): a s l ?
big_cat_mickey (15:49:06): I just told you honey!
big_cat_mickey (15:49:21): and you will do just fine.
big_cat_mickey (15:49:24): You dig guys?
daredevil198421 (15:49:43): but why
big_cat_mickey (15:50:07): Cause Im married..... but have secret fantasies about black men.
daredevil198421 (15:51:00): iam not your girl freind
big_cat_mickey (15:51:10): You could be.........
daredevil198421 (15:51:38): o r u sure
big_cat_mickey (15:52:00): dont tell me you never fantasise about men?
daredevil198421 (15:52:26): i see your pic
daredevil198421 (15:52:34): your wife so beauti ful
big_cat_mickey (15:52:39): yeah....... that's me and the wife.......
big_cat_mickey (15:52:51): but she's not giving me what I need....... and you can.
daredevil198421 (15:53:27): what your real name ?
big_cat_mickey (15:53:43): Paul David Miller
daredevil198421 (15:54:15): so nice name
big_cat_mickey (15:54:17): whats yours honey?
daredevil198421 (15:54:38): iam not your girl freind ok
daredevil198421 (15:54:43): Haseeb
daredevil198421 (15:54:49): Abdul Haseeb
big_cat_mickey (15:54:53): Ok...... haseeb..... but we both know you want it.
daredevil198421 (15:55:44): what i want to tou
daredevil198421 (15:55:48): you
big_cat_mickey (15:56:26): You know you want to run your fingers over my pectorals...... my hard belly....... my hair.......... kiss me........ feel my manhood growing in your hand
daredevil198421 (15:57:46): oh shit
big_cat_mickey (15:57:57): yeah....... that too....... but first some foreplay
big_cat_mickey (15:59:43): honey you are there?
daredevil198421 (16:00:23): no iwas go in the home
big_cat_mickey (16:00:41): well you can come to my home........ when my wife is not there.
big_cat_mickey (16:01:01): We can get naked and disco dance together
daredevil198421 (16:01:26): oh
daredevil198421 (16:01:40): your wife in my home
big_cat_mickey (16:01:53): you mean the three of us???
big_cat_mickey (16:01:57): I dont think she's into that.
daredevil198421 (16:01:59): you meet your wife
daredevil198421 (16:02:25): yes sh's with me
big_cat_mickey (16:02:47): tell me ...... if you're just interested in teasing........ why are you in the gay actors room?
daredevil198421 (16:03:46): no iam intreasted in women sex
big_cat_mickey (16:03:55): then why come to a homosexual room?
big_cat_mickey (16:04:06): most muslims.... just come here to pick up other guys.
daredevil198421 (16:06:01): iam not
daredevil198421 (16:06:08): but iam shy person
big_cat_mickey (16:06:18): but then why do you act like a homosexual?
daredevil198421 (16:07:41): you talk me a girl sex
big_cat_mickey (16:07:54): okay....... if you like....... I can pretend to be a woman.......
daredevil198421 (16:09:04): ok
big_cat_mickey (16:09:11): You can call me....... Fatimah........ or Brenda if you prefer....... and we can have sex.
daredevil198421 (16:10:15): hi brenda
big_cat_mickey (16:10:49): Hiya lover

Monday, March 07, 2005


Okay I lied. No cybering today. Psychogirlfriend dumped me.
I cant believe it. At 34 years of age, I finally find the perfect woman. She's sweet, adorable, intelligent, has a smile that could melt an iceberg, (she should have been on Titanic) and the best lover a man could wish for.
She runs after me for three years....... finally I give in. We meet, she jumps me! We spend the best three weeks in our lives together. (You know...... why do stars suddenly appear etc. ) And she dumps me.
Okay technically she "needs some time", and "doesn't want to hurt my feelings" and "maybe we will be together". Fuck it! Fuck Mario Puzzo, and fuck silly love songs. Fuck the Pope, Fuck islam, Fuck religion, Fuck cats, fuck movies and fuck cybersex, and fuck online relationships. Fuck jobs and homes and wifes and children. Fuck depression and medication and fuck happiness and energy. Fuck beer and liquor. Fuck parents, fuck therapy, Fuck pizza and kebab Fuck actors and writers and artists and clowns. Fuck distance and money. Fuck Mickey!
Fuck everything
All I want is Aylin to be with me. So my soul can sing.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Just an afterthought.... I found these two great free programs. One is the greatest picture browser on earth, and its companion program allows the sharing of photo's while chatting. And the best thing its free. (I sound like a goddamn commercial.) Anyway anybody who gets this program will recieve a free photo of my ass.


I'll never understand women! (Well, actually I do, but that's not cliche enough.) As some of you know, I have this wonderful girlfriend living in Istanbul, 30.000 miles away. That makes having a relationship rather difficult. She sends me pictures of herself once in a while to remind me how fucking gorgeous she is. So...... being the nice man that I am, I posted one of those on Within 24 hours she got a rating of 9.6, ("You are hotter than 93% of women on this site!") (And yes..... I have great taste in women.) You'd think any woman would be happy with that! NOT HER!!! She gets upset!
I'd put her picture up on this site to make all of you have a bright day, but I'd be afraid to wake up one morning with one of my testicles missing.

Oh and by the way........ she wasn't naked or anything...... just smiling.

On the weather front: Its the coldest week in a decade, there is half a meter of snow outside, and my heating broke down two days ago.

Tomorrow I'll have another cybertranscript. (For those of you who couldn't give a flying fuck about my real life.)