Thursday, January 05, 2006

And the nominees are....

So far the response to the sad, sick, twisted and disturbing stories award has been overwhelming.

Bullet Hole - Rain (Interior decorating gone haywire.)
I've been Tagged - Jessie (Life-time vacation in hell.)
The amazing Bulb's disturbing story award entry #1 - Le Chameau (Armed robbery, jail, hospitals, depression, suicide and an impossible love. This would make a hell of a movie.)
He's Going To Jail - Sassy (Sassy's blog is just about the best thing on the net right now. I advise everyone to read it. Sort of puts your own pain in perspective.)

Furthermore Me from Mad Baggage Rambling send me a story by email with the request not to publish it. (And yes. It did make me cry.) I can't publish it, but let me tell you this dame is one tough cookie.

I'll keep the list updated as the stories come in. Keep them coming. And vote in the comments section.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Sad and Disturbing Stories

It's Januari. The snow is snowing and the wind is blowing. (And I'm freezing my ass off.) So in honor of my dear friend Sassy, I've decided to proclaim Januari to be sick, twisted, sad and disturbing stories month.
This month I will only be posting sad, sick, twisted and disturbing stories. I invite all the people in my friends list to do the same: Fine artist, Cloddy, Evil Krissy, Sassy (don't worry hon, you'll win anyway), Laila, Le Chameau, Madbaggage, LoneTreeonThePrairy, Air Force Wife, Cute Jessie, CiscoKid and Rain, (and all those that are not on my list who should have been on it in the first place) to dig deep inside the filth of their depraved psyche and put in words that awful truth that defies explanation.

Of course there will be a reward. The one with the sickest, saddest, most disturbing story this month will recieve the "Bulbs Disturbing Story" award which will consist of a neat little .JPG thingy which you can stick on your blog to show the world the depth of your pain.

As for the rules:
1. The story has got to be about your family, (In-laws count.), or your closest friends. (You gotta have slept with at least two of them.)
2. The story has got to be real and unembellished. (We have our ways of checking it.)
3. The story has got to give a "Oh my God no wonder you're so fucked up!" effect.
4. The story has got to make Jessie cry.
5. The story has got to make Sassy feel better.
6. You can provide as many entries as you like. (Provided it's still Januari.)

So for starters here are my two entries: The Pain We Carry Inside and On becoming a Man. They score high in the sad and disturbing categories. Not so much in the sick and twisted categories, but they are just appetizers. I'll come back in a couple of days with the story of my still-born nephew.

Good luck, may the saddest fuck win.